How do i put a hole in minicell?

I need to insert a screw or dowel an inch or two into some minicell. Not sure how to best make the hole. Options might include rotary drill, puncture with an awl, burn a hole perhaps with the tip of a solder iron, or maybe by heating a screw or nail under a flame and then pressing it into the minicell.

Thanks for any tips.

I’d puncture it. Removing material lessens the grip of the connector unless it’s huge. Drill if you are adding adhesive.

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For me, the “cleanest” way, without tearing and/or ragged pieces in the hole, is to use a heated nail of the appropriate diameter). Hold the nail with pliers or vice grip.


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For larger diameter holes, I use a piece of metal tubing as a sort of hole saw. For example, for a 3/8 inch diameter hole, use 1/4 inch copper tubing (it’s 3/8 OD). Cut a piece with a hack saw so that the cut end has rough cut marks from the saw. Those cut marks acts as teeth to cut into the foam. Then just twist the tubing into the foam to cut the hole. You can also chuck the piece of tubing into a drill and use it like a hole saw. There are grades of copper tubing with thinner wall thickness that would work especially well, but I just use whatever I can find.

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