How do I touch up black seam?

What should I use to touch up the black seam around my kayak? And is there any way to make the scuffed parts shiny again?

303-armour-all-bumper black
are just a few depending on what the rub rail is made of , an how much ya want to spend .


tell me about bumper-black
I’ve used 303 and it didn’t really make a difference. What’s bumper-black like? Will it be matte or shiny?

I use…

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a product that is used on hockey ice skates (to toughen up the leather) called "Toegard". It comes in the same type of can with an applicator as neoprene cement comes in. It is a black liquid, and once it dries, I cannot tell where it has been looks identical to the black seam tape. You should be able to find it in ice skate supply stores.

No Ice around here . . .
No ice around here. We;ll have to try something else.

Is the seam…
Rubber or gel coat?

It this is black gelcoat over seam tape

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in an fg boat, then go buy or order a quantity of polyester resin, some gel paste, ( )

and some black color ( ).

(How do you do that 'tinyurl' thing anyway?)

Prep the area by sanding with some 100 grit or so (areas other than seam taped off to avoid sanding marks and getting black mixture on). Clean up with acetone. Mix an amount of resin to gel paste such that the gelpaste is about 20% by volume (have to play with this yourself), add black color and mix and then add hardener and paint on to cover areas in question. Let cure.

Try this a couple of times on a similar test surface to see if the mix thickness is thick enough to cover the areas in question in one layer, but not run and not show too much in the way of brush marks.

Good luck.

Edit: If it's just surface scuff marks, I wouldn't really bother doing anything. Wear the marks with pride, but if you still feel the need...start sanding with maybe 220 grit sandpaper, then 300, 400 600, 800, 1000, 1500 and then buff with polishing compound. Tape off the areas close by that you don't want affected by the sanding.

I use black
finger nail polish to touch up many black items.

Must be gelcoat
I must be gelcoat - it’s hard.