How do people organise long paddles?

I am thinking about planning a long trip sometime in the future, however I don’t know where to begin. I am wondering if someone could tell me how paddlers who head out into isolated, relatively uncharted territory plan their trips? How does one get maps etc.? How do they get consent from the government of the country they are paddling through (or do they?)?

what country are you thinking about?
Maps for almost all countries are available via the net. Do a google search on “your country +topographical maps” you will be surprised what turns up.

I go to Canada to paddle long wilderness trips. As an American I buy "Crown Land permits’ from local outfitters or at the border to camp on Crown Land. If it is Provincial Park I buy their permits from the local MNR.

At first planning a big trip seems just that…BIG. But do some googling on the net and you will find the answers.

Experience means everything
To me a long canoe trip would be a month or more. In a truly wild area, sometimes only wits, experience, good leadership, and wilderness savvy are going to keep an expedition from turning into a disaster. My opinion is if someone doesn’t know where to begin to plan for a trip of this magnitude, they probably are not ready to do a trip like this on their own. I think you need to gain experience first by going on several canoe expeditions of 2 weeks or more under a good leader. Make it a point to be fully involved in the trip planning, food and gear preparation. On the trip make it a point to find out why he/she made the decisions that were made. Tap the experience and savvy of this person. Books have been written about the topic you’re asking about. Check out the books by Cliff Jacobson and other wilderness canoers as references. When you gain enough experience and confidence to handle any situation that may come up, you won’t have to ask the question, “How do I begin to plan?” My opinion is this is the point you are ready for your own major wilderness expeditions.

contact me in person
Ive got a lot of info but would like more specific questions to help you.

Im preparing for a 6-month long solo paddle in a month.


long trips
first and foremost decide where you are going. GET A DETAILED MAP…look in to the restrictions.

Bring plenty of supplies and a weapon…have fun

Thanks for the prompt replies. If this is any help, I’m looking to paddle around China’s coastal region. Hong Kong - Shanghai - Beijing.

Navigation charts

Bluecharts for GPS

any problem
with pirates?

Planning a trip
First off - you can do it! Just use common sense and do all your research before you go. Maps and GPS are vital - reading about the river is vital. If going to the canadian north I would look for a river that has no major falls. Maps are not always the best and conoeists have lost their lives because of such - better to start on a safer river - the yukon river is great for this. Next off don’t listen to the people who will tell you you cant do this - seems everyone wants to tell you what you cant do but not what you can. Most of these people I have found are of the type - "Well I have done this but its highly unlikely you can - cause you arent as good as me " they are insecure and need to make themselves feel good. If that were the case we would all be living across the ocean somehwere! Delegate and duplicate - tranpsortation, route, food, equipment, cost etc. DO a trial run in an area close to home to work out the bugs. Find someone who has done the course you want to do and talk to them. ANd if after you do all this you have second thoughts you could still do all the planning and packing then just hire someone to guide - tell them you wnat to try to do everything - next time you guide! Good Luck