How do the CD Andromeda compare to brits

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Hi. I am going to buy a playful seakayak for day touring, surfing and general playing along the coastline later this year (I already own a CD Extreme for longer trips). I have tried the CD Gulfstream, but what do you think of the CD Andromeda, the Valley Avocet, the Valley Q-boat, NDK Romany HV, Rockpool Alaw etc?

How do the build quality of the CD Andromeda compare to the british boats? My Extreme is in kevlar and seems very well made. I don`t think I would do rockhopping with this boat however.

I am 6 foot 4? (191 cm) tall and 225 lbs, will I fit small boats such as the Romany or Avocet. How about the Q-boat for playing?

Many of these kayaks will be available for testpaddling at the norwegian sea kayak symposium at the Hvaler islands in a few weeks time, so I am just trying to shorten my must-try list:-)


CD Andromeda

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The Andromeda is Hutchinson's revision of his earlier Sirius design for P&H. Most I've spoken to who have paddled both prefer the Sirius.

I envy your access to Rockpool boats. Word is very good, but haven't seen one on this side of the Atlantic.

CD build quality has usually been very good. P&H has about the best reputation for QC of any of the Brit makers available here. Valley quality tends to be very good.

I'm guessing you would fit in an Avocet. I have not been in a Romany HV. For fun, the Avocet or Romany HV might be the best bet.

RE: Andromeda
I thought I might want an Andromeda and obtained one for a test paddle. I didn’t care for it. I was in some “lively” wave conditions but nothing my Romany wouldn’t handle with ease. The Andromeda had less primary and secondary stability than my Romany. I felt lucky to get turned around without dumping. (I didn’t have my roll down then) I doubt if you will fit in the Romany, even the HV. You might consider the Explorer HV though. Just my opinion.

I paddled a friends Sirus and didn’t like it. I don’t associate stiff tracking with “playful”. For a big guy the Gulfstream is maneuverable and easy to accelerate.

It is probably only the Alaw Bach that will be available for testpadling for me. But I am told that this boat shares the same hull as the Alaw, eccept for the higher deck and sitting position in the Alaw? Anyway, I am really lokking forward to try the boat.

The guy who sells Rockpool also sells NDKs, and most of those boats will be available.

The Vallyes are the most difficult boats to testpaddle here in Norway. I might have to go to a Swedish dealer later this summer, as I would really like to try the Avocet and also the Q-boat.

Thanks all for your opinions:-)


Not so much…
There’s a glass Andromeda in the touring company where I do some guiding and instruction and though I haven’t paddled it, I haven’t heard particuarly good things from the other instructors/guides who have.

One of them used it during their IDW/ICE and was so unhappy she borrowed the IT’s Explorer to go out in the rough stuff & surf. He (the IT)had it in the big waves and said it would be low on his list for those conditions (he also has a Gulfstream, I believe) or the surf.

General gist – probably not a good surf/play boat.

I liked the andromeda as an A to B boat,

good for getting you there but not a playful

kayak. Seemed good in rough water. CD not

as well made as P&H. CD uses H channel for

seam. Hulls in fiberglass have alot of flex

compared to P&H. I had old sirius, it was alot

more solid then CD caribou I had.