how do they make kayak molds??

how do they make those metal molds that hold the poly indside and sandwitches together??

That may be a trade sercet…

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You thinking about going into the business?

Now I get it.. you're going to make Pamlico 140's

Easy one to answer. Short and quick.
They make Kayak molds using kayak plugs. ;^)



Give me dimensions
and I can cut whatever you want out of steel or Aluminium.

Most likely a rotomolding operation.

Do a search on Rotomolding processes. That would be a good start.

thermoformed plastic
well, I don’t know how molds are made, but a little bit how they are used : in the case of the patented Trylon by Hurricane AquaSports, the process consists of two molten hot sheets of plastic, one for the deck, the second for the hull, which are heated, laid over the molds and cooled slowly. Not as easy as it sounds to achieve the right matrix of light weight, and the kind of flexible stiffness a good kayak needs.

The two pieces are then joined by hand with marine sealants, and the bulkheads likewise.

It’s quite a neat process. I’m pretty sure the molds themselves are proprietary, as the competition for good designs is fierce.

I thought
they just leave the yaks alone to breed…

no molds needed…

Logical for a long boat
That would be a bit easier for a long boat. Rotomold might work better for a WW squirt boat.

If someone has the dimensions they want, machining isn’t to hard, just expensive. The polishing would be time consuming too. Also consider how they heat and cool the mold / plastic.

Cutting the profile of say a 17’ boat, depending on the machine - - - - ball park less than 300 hours. The more little details, the longer it takes (recessed deck rigging, compass mount, etc.)

Material (steel or Aluminium) can make a difference in times too.

The extra heater / cooling lines are a different story. Unless I saw what they do, I couldn’t tell you.

I’ve made a few molds
it is simple.

Just leave a piece of the bread from your lunch sandwich in one of the hatches.

Check it every few days.

In a warm moist climate it doesn’t take too long.



Rotomolding links
Made of stamped stainless or cast aluminum.