How do you adjust a backband?

So, I’ve been fiddling around with the backband on my Valley Avocet for some time now and just can’t seem to get it right. I even scrapped the stock Valley model with a Bomber Gear, but I’m beginning to wonder if the problem lies in my ignorance of how this thing is supposed to work.

My old boat was equipped with a shaped minicell foam block that supported my lower back perfectly, so I’m at a loss on how a backband works.

Can anyone provide some general instruction on how to adjust this darn thing?


Backband and seat
I just got in from repairing the seat in my 2004 Avocet RM. Last week the ABS plastic broke and the backband mount (cord) pulled through.

Don’t know what year and style your is, but if it is similar to mine I made a modification to how the backband mounts that has been working pretty well.

First some background. Many do not like the stock Valley backband, but I do. So, when mine broke last year (as they all will) I replaced it with a Snapdragon. I never could get the Snapdragon adjusted the way I liked, so after a frind showed me how he fixed his Valley backband (the straps are prone to pull out from the plastic on the back side) I repaird mine and reinstalled it. The difference however is that this time I added a small ring of bungie between the D ring mounts and the backband straps on both sides of the backband. These bungie rings are about the size of a silver dollar. They provide flex when the backband gets tilted down (on entry and re-entry) or when you lay back as is done for some Greenland rolls. Since I fixed this earlier this year none of the straps have pulled out of the plastic on the back of the backband. The backband will also flex (tilt) up and down like Eric describes. Also, is you tighten the top straps more than the bottom straps the backband stays slightly tilted down. Hope this helps. Send me an email if you want a picture of the bungie O-rings.



MiniCell and Bomber Gear

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I replaced my Valley back band, in my Aquanaut, with a Bomber Gear back band. Then I installed a foam back intended for ww boats behind the Bomber band. This still allows the back band to pivot a bit for entries and laybacks but keeps it firm against the top of my buttocks when paddling.

Valley backbands are reviled universally

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Peter Orton, director for Valley., informed everyone on Pnet in a prior thread, and reaffirmed at Canoecopia, that Valley will be coming out with a new backband. Unknown when, but they're working on it.

So, I had to mod my 2006 Avovet RM and my 2007 Nordkapp RM.

The issue, as I see it, is that the backband is too far back on the seat pan. The posterior curve of the seat pan, no matter how "tight" the backband is set, is still too far in front of the band itself, thus relying on the paddler to not use it at all for support, or to lie too far back on the seat pan to be comfortable with the support.

I tried to replace the stock backband with a nice Immersion Research band with little improvement because the seat pan issue remains.

Simple solution: I added 1 inch thickness of minicell directly to the Valley backband (nothing to lose, I was planning to ditch it anyhow) and contact cemented it in place (Dap Weldwood), and it feels lovely. The minicell is contoured to my back as it is stuck directly to the Valley bckband which is contoured, and it, in effect, moves the backband forward to where it hits just right.

So it's not you, Braumeister
And really it's not the Valley backband.
It's the Valley backband in relation to the seatpan that is the issue.

Give it a try with the m-cell. Look for m-cell on eBay.

CD Lemme Ax ya…
My LV has the plastic seat pan with the rear up turn. Wondering if we have the same set up as I have loosened my backband to where I barely come into contact unless I lean back. I find the seat pan holds me in place.

U have a stronger back than I, Ghawk.

CD ???

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Is this the set up you have?
I have the seat pad removed.

Many thanks for all your ideas…
…they’re much appreciated!