How do you carry both a canoe and SUP

on top of a vehicle that is typically sized for one or the other?

I got this!
You tie the canoe carefully to the top of the car. Then attach a rope to the SUP and drag it behind.

longer bars…and there’s no reason to
have the bars & boats sitting symmetricly proportionate with the vehicle. Lengthen one side, staying within legal length, towards the offroad, keeping driving situation safe with oncoming traffic.

No issues here…

Could carry SUP in those slanted or
vertical yak holders. If bars standard Yakima can extend them by inserting 1/2" galvanized pipe of needed length into the ends. Normally fits tight but a bit of good duck tape will secure it. R

Works fine with SUP on top of the canoe.
The canoe is a kevlar Fisherman, at 14’ long.

The SUP is a 12’ long flatwater model, and has some rocker only in the bow.

The canoe is on top of the minivan upside down, with bow in front. The SUP is also upside down with the bow in front, and on top of the canoe.

I had put some strips of traction foam tape out in front of the main traction pad, for the dog to sit on the SUP.

With the SUP laying flat on top of the flat bottom of the canoe, I have to set the SUP rockered bow 1’ in front of the canoe bow bottom area. The foam traction pads are against the canoe bottom in front, and the big SUP traction pad is against the aft of the canoe flat bottom.

With no straps, a good wind would probably blow the SUP right off, but with 2 NRS 1.5" straps around the mid and aft sections, and a 1" strap securing the bows together, it is a solid carry. The 1.5" straps, when snugged up, bite slightly into the black rubber sides of the SUP for a good holding grip.

Tested out fine, and now enjoying both canoe and SUP dimensions of paddling on the same trip.