How do you carry things on your SUP

Interested in how others are carrying things on their SUP.

Depends on the board
The Tahoe SUP has recessed deck fittings so clipping on a bungee cargo net is simple.

There are peel and stick velcro lash tabs on the market that’d allow you to customize your attachments

I wonder if those gel-rubber cell phone mounts would work. The one on the console of my car is stuck but good with no glue.

Other suggestions will chime in I’m sure.

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The River Connection, Inc.

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Traditionally, SUP’ers
bribe those in canoes to haul the freight. Going rate is a 4-pack of Guinness draft cans.

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How do you carry things on your SUP
The most common way is to attach stick on loops on your deck then loop bungy, rope or camstraps for securing of gear. Kayak style or auto shop small cargo nets are also a great option once you’ve created an anchor. get raft plug loops if you have an inflatable.

Products like NSI, EZ Plugs and Surftech’s tie-down kit work well. Depending on your deck type (epoxy or rubber mat) some use epoxy to attach the plugs down if the default stick material isn’t securing.

if you have the ability to glass in Leash Plugs, that’s the most secure way to anchor to. they’re also flush with your board when not in use.

check out a video i did for canoe kayak last summer on the subject… (from my blog)

Something inside me just screams…
Get a canoe to carry your gear !! SUP’s are like the Emperor has no clothes. If I had a SUP thingy, the first thing I’d do is bungy a milk crate to it upside down so I could sit down once in awhile. Can’t believe how much money people are dishing out for these surf board reject 's. Never thought I’d see something on the water even crappyier than Box store, cookie cutter, plastic kayak’s. (aka ‘pool toy’s’)

There, that’s my first, only, and last B+B on SUP’s. Just needed to get it out of my system just once. Now go enjoy, you paid for it.

Something inside me just screams…

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wickerbutt - sup is another way to get on the water. you can sit without a milk crate, as well as kneel - essentially you could see it as an open canoe.

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There’s always a backpack!!!

can you tow a canoe behind you and fill it with gear?

plenty of board space
the Badfish has deck rigging. My Doyle board has no rigging at all, therefore I use a small dry sack and just throw it loosely on deck. It’s not going anywhere on flatwater.

I have a softtop
Will these attachments adhere to a softtop? I’m not thinking expedition, but food and water for a day.

carrying stuff
Boardworks Raven has nice bungees like the front deck of a kayak. Clip a drybag on & under. Even two.

The Boardworks BadFish series does too.

So does the Bark called the Expedition or something like that (a long touring style board, got a glimpse of one on a car last weekend)

Also tried a small 50 oz hydration fanny pack, not awkward but I think I’d rather put it in the bungees and just stop to have a drink.

Gonna try out a waist pack I use for cc skiing - room for a plastic water bottle, small pocket for keys & small stuff, larger pocket for my “water wallet” & sunscreen

Do Canoe-SUP to carry stuff!
I can’t QUITE tell if the previous post says to just “go canoeing” if you want to carry stuff, or if they’re REALLY exposing the naked emporer by saying: Just SUP a canoe! If you’re not surfing or out in the wind then a canoe is a great way to SUP. And you can carry all you like. People, too. Dry. And you get far better performance and glide. And you can sit’n’paddle when you like. SUP boards solved the problem of small wave surfing, that’s all. Canoes are best for paddling per se, of any sort, standing or sitting.

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I use a bungee net along with an out door back pack. You can secure your belongings in the back pack under the bungee net. Again, this all depends on what you are exactly carrying onto the SUP but this works great for me.

Straps and bungee cords.

I’m an avid canoeist and I recently got into stand up paddle boarding. I wanted to enjoy solo single blading but did not have anywhere to store any kind of canoe. In the house where I used to live, I was able to store a 14 foot hard board on my stairs leading from the entrance to my suite. Now, in my current house, I store it under the back deck. In neither case, would a canoe have fit. I can also easily carry it to my car and to the water.

SUPing is an amazing workout and has improved my forward canoe stroke.

For people who cannot store or transport any hard boat, inflatable SUPs have been a game changer. Those people who would never have been able to regularly get on the water, can now do so easily. Yes, lots of them sit or kneel. But so what? At least they’re outside getting fresh air and exercise.

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