How do you get bait deep while trolling?

I’m wondering how (or if) you guys can accomplish getting a lure down to 40 or 50’ while trolling? With a powerboat I know they use downriggers…is there a technique that can approximate this somehow while trolling from a kayak? Reason I’m asking is that I’m heading to Lake Jocassee and apparently the fishing is best pretty deep…and while I’m kayaking across the lake I was hoping to do some trolling…



Use Crescent or Keel SInkers/Weights
in the 4 to 6 oz range.

I would also use a flasher and a Hoochie for greatest effect.

Look at rigs for Kokanee, Lake Trout and Salmon out west for ideas.

Generally place the trolling weight on the line…attach a flasher about 1-1/2 to 3 feet behind that and the Hoochie twice the distance behind the flasher as the flasher is from the weight.

They troll nice and slow… The flasher will add action to the Hoochie. Good luck.


Down riggers
are not going to work but they do make interesting image to envision using one on a kayak. In the days before down riggers we used to use lead core line to fish depths like that. It was never much fun but it was effective.


downriggers are used by a few

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kayakers. One I know of fishes for stripers and hybrid stipers with one. Has a Twin Otter with trolling motor. His downrigger is a Scotty. The pictures on the board he posted them on are no longer available, sorry.

Don’t flash your hoochie. That’s illegal.

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My set up

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I use two different methods.
First- tie in a 3 way swivel and add 2-3 feet of line to one swivel and tie a 1 oz bass casting sinker to it. Tie 2-3 feet of line to the other swivel and tie on your lure. I typically use a Mepps spinner, Rapala, Spoon, or a large Wooly Bugger.
Second- use lead core line, with a 5-6 foot leader on it. You will need a large arbor baitcasting reel to use this method, so if you don't have one it may not be the one to use unless you want to spend some bucks. With this method I use Spoons and Wooly Buggers.

Both methods will produce fish for me when they are in the 30-50 foot range.

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the look on my face when I was Googleing these terms for my trip to Alaska on a Government Computer in May (During my lunch break)! I realized how bad it looked, AFTER Googleing “Flashers” and “Hoochies!” I immediately told the Information Assurance person I work with what I had done, and we both laughed… He said that it wouldn’t be a problem…as long as the sites I went to afterwards weren’t of the “X” Rated variety.

Thanks goodness for names like Luhr Jenson and Cabella’s were the top choices.


Dipsy Diver
or similar. There are several divers on the market. Most will plane up when a fish hits the lure or bait.

on kayaks ? YES ! The boat shown in the link below has a downrigger (not shown). It works on lake trout in deep water. Not easy to do and kind of spooky !

Trolling in Kayak
I used 12 pound lead core line when I went kayak fishing in South Lake and trolled down to 80 feet deep worked well for Trouts holding in deep water. Lead core line are costly though. Depends on the tackle you are using, 18 pound lead core is what most people use on lakes.

Tight lines,

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I sit corrected
Don’t ever suggest that something can’t be done with a kayak because someone somewhere will already have done it. I do have to admit that I still love the idea of leaning out a couple of feet off the side of a boat and lifting a 15 pound weight from the water. I would drown, obviously others do not.


You put a trawling motor on it?!
Rickers! I ashamed of you. I thought you were a paddler! lol

J/K. Looks like a nice setup . . . .

Thanks for the replies fellas…now I’ll have a better idea of what to attempt next time… :slight_smile: