How do you keep drysuit gaskets

flexible and keep them from cracking?

OK, everybody now!—303 Protectant

Monthly year round
if you’re serious about preserving your gaskets

303? Not KY Jelly or Lithium grease?
Sometimes getting the blasted things off, I wished I had used KY or vaseline.

I don’t have a drysuit, but have used this stuff on hatch cover seals on my QCC. It dosn’t offer any UV protection (that I know of), but it sure keeps rubber/latex type O-ring seals in great condition. It is not cheap, but I thought I’d throw it out for consideration. It is pretty safe stuff also (dupont makes a food grade), but look up the MSDS (probably should wash it off your fingers if you are a smoker).

303 AND…
…avoid getting sunscreen and anything oily on them. Even at that, if you use your dry suit a lot, the seals will probably be shot after three seasons. Fortunately, they’re easy and relatively cheap to replace.

kokatat recomends
303 protectorant every month