How do you mount your GPS?

What do you use to mount your GPS to your yak? If I can get away with it I would rather not mount it by drilling holes in the deck.


drybox under deck lines
works pretty good for me, but on hot/sunny days can tend to greenhouse inside. I’ve had my lcd screen go completely black from heat, but a quick dunk in water (w/water resistant GPS only!!) fixes that. Not that great if you need to frequently check it, but for my occassional glances on downriver trips, works fine.

A few months back, there was a thread on here detailing a mini-cell foam cradle that clipped to the deck lines and held the GPS upright and viewable, might want to try searching the archives.

thru the deck lines
with the belt carrier I have for it.

I Borrowed JackL’s Idea…

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Cut out some foam and let the deck bungies hold it in place. Didn't cost squat and it works great. I wrap the little GPS lanyard around the bungies behind the GPS to secure it more.

Kudzu’s picture doesn’t show how …
we secure it to the deck.

Drill a 5/8" diameter through the base of the gray foam and then use a bungee cord with plastic hooks on each end which hooks to your safety lines on each side.

I also took it one step farther and glued a 1/2’ diameter piece of CPVC pipe through the hole. This will prevent the bungee from cutting through the gray foam.

Also I glued a piece of velcro to the back of my GPS and then the mating piece to the face of the gray foam.

It is easy to remove the GPS and it is also easy to remove the whole ball of wax.

Bungee material and the plastic hooks can be purchased in kits or separately at Boaters World or West Marine.

Kudzu is thinking of mounting his on that beautiful brand new bike he got.

You want to see perfection you should see that beauty!



Another one of Jacks…

I asked this a few weeks ago…
I have the Meridian Color unit and I like Jacks’ foam carrier. But I found a different method that requires not much else… I wrap the lanyard in a loop around my spray skirt grab loop and just lay it on the spray skirt. My unit is waterproof and I am not worried if I bail. I was considering a mount but this has met my needs to date.

In the mangrove tunnels…
mine works best with the antenna near vertical…

there is a kayak line that has a mount
Can anyone remember who is now making a dealer installed GPS holder that retracts into the hull!

I saw it advertised recently but cannot remember who, uh oh, DREADED CRS syndrome (Cant remember sh…t)

Like this…

Paddle easy,


holder for gps
My skirt has a 5in by 5in piece of board attached above my knees to the loop on the skirt. It took awhile but with some work and a bunch of wire ties it does sit flat and is close enough for constant viewing. A big help for race training because it forces me to PADDLE HARD

voyageur bag under deck lines
clipped to the line. I only use the thing for occasional glances so far, so I do not need to read the thing like a book.