How do you read a Mad River serial #?

Here’s a serial number I’d like to find out more about mad15123h001 its on a Kevlar Explorer but we don’t know what year or layup.


Andy Lee

be de year, me’thinks.


Hull Identification Number
By my reckoning

MAD = the Manufacturers Identity

15123 = the Serial Number

H = the month of August

and as Elmo said;

001 is the year 2001


How to read a HIN
This Web site illustrates how to read a hull identification number (HIN):

You can use this Web site to look up your HIN:

ah so, thanks
pretty simple once you have the code, eh? Thanks

Mostly Right
but the first 0 is the manufacture year and the 01 is the model year. So in this case the canoe was manufactured in August of 2000 and is a 2001 model.