how do you remove an Eddyline seat?

I got an Equinox for my wife and would like to replace the proprietary seatback with an aftermarket backband but don’t know how to get the seat out (I’d like to drill a hole in the seat pan, but to do so I need to take it out first.) Many thanks in advance!

For my Nighthawk

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If I remember correctly there were bolts going through the back of the seat pan with brackets on my Nighthawk. It was very easy to take out, I then replaced the backrest with an IR backband. For this I drilled extra holes through the seat towers for the ratchet straps. I also fed the nylon straps through the exsisting strap loops. It is a bit excessive but it should also never fail. Just remember when drilling, you're not far from the hull so put something behind :-0


did you remove the entire seat
or just the seatback? I’m looking to take out the entire seat in order to drill a hole in it (in a place that I can’t reach when it’s in place). Then I’ll put it (the seat pan) back. But first I’d like to get it out and don’t know how. It looks like there might be bolts under the decorative foam hip pads, but I don’t really want to tear those out if I don’t have to, since it will never look that nice again if I do.

Mine is riveted
And yes those are behind those hip pads.

Did you try rubbing Eddyline seat remover on it?

the seat pan is glued in and not easy to get out. I assume you wish to drill a hole to help drain water? if so you can do it while the seat is still in. Be careful, but you can do it that way.

seat back is easy to swap.

Email me direct if you need.

I need to thank everyone
and stop this thread before it builds up much more steam; I found another solution. I took off the seat back, and will simply reach down and burn a bolt hole through the back of the seat with a heated allen wrench or something like that. (The WS backband has one contact point that goes down.) That should do the trick.

Thanks again for the help!