how do you sharpen a Gerber river shorty

how do you sharpen a Gerber river shorty knife?

the one with the serrated edge


Special steels and stones
are available. They are triangular, or lobed to reach into the serrations. Not for the inexperienced with knife sharpening.


I have one
It’s not easy to do it right and a little time consuming if you’re trying to get that “factory edge” back. Best thing to do is to take it to a knife shop and let them do it. Some knife companies will also sharpen and “condition” their products for a small fee and if you pay shipping. I just sent a knife to Benchmade and for $5, they’re sharpening it and cleaning it (it’s a folder, so there’s morte potential for gunk to accumulate).

good stuff

I take all my knifes once a year, they
come back perfect and the cost is very little.

very easy
Many sports outlets (I know Gander Mountain does) sell an amazing sharpener that only runs about $10. It brings it back sharper than the factory edge.

I can’t remember the name of it but it’s orange, looks like a handle with a pair of crisscrossed sharpners on it. One rough set and one polishing set. It is used to also sharpen serrated blades. Put an edge on my knife that was incredibly sharp.

I’ll go look for mine so I can give you the name of it.

thanks razor
with a name like razor …

Thought a response would be fitting!

1. go into your kitchen

2. grab your sharpening steel from knife block

3. go into your knife collection and also look for a smaller steel rod like the ones thatcome on the leather Buck pouches, ya know the commemorative deer hunter collection on your folder.

4. Place point of river shorty on cutting board securely and pull sharpening steel through serrations at a perpendicular angle to blade. Do each serration that way, but please be careful.

5. It is best to use the smaller steel or thinner ceramic rods on finer serrations as the larger kitchen one will not work. This takes about ten minutes and is wicked sharp.


Smith’s 3-in-1 sharpening system
I picked it up at Lowes with a “free” Buck folding pocket knife. The Chinese made buck knife is junk. The sharpening system works great. Works for straight and serrated blades as well as fish hooks. Includes a diamond stone, ceramic rods and a carbide that you drag a really bad edge through. I can now keep my SOG folding knife razor sharp as well my kitchen knives and camp hatchet. It was $20