How do you ship kayaks

Can anyone tell me the most affordable way to ship 3 kayaks (longest one is 12’) from state to state (VA to NY). Most freight shippers don’t go that long. Thanks! JAne G-C

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This has been discussed before and I’m sure you’ll find an answer there.—Rich

I had a 18’ SOT shipped from Florida to South Dakota. I shipped it DHL and except for the fact that they thought they could pick it up with a minivan (idiots), everything went well. I think it was about $250 to ship it.

BTW: Florida Bay Outfitters = excellent service! (Thanks Again Frank!)


Forward Air

39 on a pickup truck/trailer

Yeah … 39 KAYAKS !

… big ones too … not little rec boats

In a gas station late at night.

He was a dealer/distributor - came to pick them up from MI … and back to NY - for deliveries … and his own stock … had a big non-enclosed trailer with them stacked all over it.

Thats the way to cut shipping costs

(for dealers)

For onesy twoseys … its gonna cost you.

I checked with Forward Air once … but as I remember - they required an enclosed crate.

… and then you have to pick it up from an airport.
Check with FreightQuote, they are reasonably priced. It is cheaper to ship freight terminal to terminal. Recently had a WS Piccolo (13.5’) shipped from Maine to Indiana for $120. Didn’t need to crate just cardboard and bubble-wrap.

David in Niles

IN sea kayaker there was a
specific person and perhaps some deal number at forward air.

Libraries are soo good!

Another for Forward Air
I shipped an 18’ boat (Nigel Foster Silhouette) from

Boston to Denver for $86. Can’t beat that!