How do you stick D-rings to fiberglass?

I’ve always used Vyna Bond on Royalex. How about fiberglass? I want to install flotation bags in a Malecite.

Can’t speak to float bags
but I used Vynabond to attach vinyl-backed anchors for an underdeck bag to the FG deck in my QCC. It has survived for three seasons.

Are you going to use individual rings, or strips of loops such as from Northwater?



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I was thinking one individual D ring patch on each side of the "V" But, now that you mention it, maybe I should consider a Northstar solution. I like how they look over time better than D rings. Probably just one of their smaller patches on each side of the V. Or, a Northstar daisy chain. It doesn't need to withstand a major WW thrashing, just a deep water re-entry.

Truth is, I don't really want to put anything on the floor of that canoe. I like it nice and clean. But, I've got this fetish about having a "plan b" and right now I don't have one for big lake Erie waves that includes me staying with the boat. And to make matters worse, I've grown very fond of her.

10-4 on those Lake Erie waves
Many years ago I used to surf my Perception HD-1 there when the rivers were too low for fun. Flotation - GOOD.

I was thinking of the Northwater daisy chains for my MR Solo. I like the idea of distributing the force over a larger area than a single D would have. Of course, I ould have to buy some float bags first…


Webbing Straps
I cut 6" pieces of 1" webbing and epoxied the ends to the bottom of my Osprey. Those and nylon padeyes on the inwales hold in my float/gear bags.

If you use a good epoxy (West Systems for instance) is it possible to get good strength by simply saturating the webbing with resin and sticking it to the composite surface? Or do you need to feather out the webbing ends or add reinforcing fabric over top?

Just curious.


I like that idea
Sounds like it may be a neater approach long-term also. I’ll try to stop in to West’s tomorrow and check it out.

Looking forward to hearing the answer to Jim’s question as well.

Thanks Tommy

Depends on the expected stress.
For attachment loops for thigh straps in a C-1, we fray the ends and put some Kevlar pieces over them to distribute the pull force more evenly. Also makes in much less likely that the ends of the loop will pop loose. For a high-stress attachment, one has to sand the attachment point in a way that will raise some fibers. Fortunately, boats made by intelligent builders are not fiberglass inside (itchy) but are usually Kevlar, polyester, or Nylon. Sanding these fabrics will raise some tough fibers to which the epoxy can adhere.