How do you transport helmet for surf play

I tried clipping the chin strap under a deck tiedown but the helmet flopped into the water so that was no good and made me less than hydrodynamic. I rarely play in surf but when I do it’s a bit of a paddle to get out to the area and I don’t want to wear it the whole time. Could just put in between my legs I guess but it’s a little crowded down there, but maybe that’s the best solution. Anyway, no big deal but just wondering if anyone had a clever way to clip onto boat in a way that it was secure on the deck.

I clip my chinstrap around several separated bungees on the back deck by the day hatch. This keeps it centered and done side up.

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I put it in the cockpit and put it on when I get to my play spot. On multi day trips I’ll clip it to the rear deck as Marshall suggests.

I normally just wear the helmet. I always wear some sort of hat for sun protection, and helmrt has visor to handle that job for me.

Have done similar to Marshall the times I have strapped it to my deck.