How do you use the ACR C-Light?

What’s the protocol/practice? Can anyone provide some situational examples / experiences?

Yes I use the ACR-C
Hand powered canoes and kayaks are not required to have running lights, you are required to be able to show a white light in time to pervent a collision.

U.S.Coast Guard Regs.

Navigation Lights

Recreational vessels are required to display navigation lights between sunset and sunrise and other periods of reduced visibility (fog, rain, haze, etc.).

If your vessel is under oars, then it should display lights for a sailboat. As an option, your vessel may carry a flashlight or lighted lantern that can show a white light in sufficient time to prevent collision.

Some states require that the light is visable 360 degrees and that’s what the ACR is designed for. Cliped on the back shoulder of a PFD it makes a very good unabtrusive night paddling light that will not overpower your night vision.

Is this a strobe or constant-on light or both? From the descriptions I’ve seen, it says it has a “strobe effect” or “produces a twinkling effect for signaling”. The reg’s say a strobe is only to be used in emergencies, not for navigation. I’m in the market for a new night nav light, this would work nicely if it’s not really a strobe.

Not a strobe, constant light

Like the pictures…
Mine is on a PVC pole behind my left shoulder and above my head to provide a 360 light.

Pole also flies the flag…