How does QWS stack against others ?

QuietWater Symposium

Lansing, MI USA

Michigan State University


Web Site:

Each year it draws over a 1,000 paddlesports participants

to check out gear, trips, ideas, and being outside.

Anyone compare this against other similar symposiums

in the the Great Lakes area ?

it’s all inside
OTOH it’s a nice off-season tease.

the only things that beats paddling
is talking about paddling.

Hell, if it is really flat some folks can even talk up a storm

I would go if it weren’t twenty hours

The program looks good.

Inside versus Outside
So there aren’t many “indoor” symposiums in

North America that take place during the colder months ?

An Interesting Symposium
Although they do mean “quiet water”. A group I belong to called “Lansing Area White Water Paddlers” once set up a display area with a video of WW paddlers and information about our trips. There wasn’t much interest. Probably should have known better. So don’t expect anyone to be there representing surfing, expedition kayaking (except for V. Kruger), or white water. Also don’t expect instruction. That is not the emphasis as is the case for WMCKA or Grand Marais in the Summer. had a booth last year.

Tons of Info
I’ve been there onsite in the HeadWatersTrails,Inc. booth

the past few years talking to paddlesports minded folks.

New paddlers are often unaware of what exists around them.

A great place to mingle and find out who may be inclined

to part with some inventory of gear or boats.

People don’t always want to lug stuff back home, so,

there is always room for negotiation and haggling.

ACA link

Another great year
Rough estimate of 2,000 people attended in 2012

High winds, threatening dark clouds, and cold weather

didn’t seem to matter as people attended anyways.

Paddling.Net had a booth selling T-Shirts, etc.

I’m glad it went well