How far should skeg deploy?


The sliders on our brand new Manitou 14’s are loose on the cables that control the movement of the skegs. It appears that its just a matter of tightening the set screws. Since these are our first boats, we don’t know what the position of the fully deployed skeg should be so we can set the adjustment. Should the lowered skeg be at 90 degrees to the hull or some imtermediate angle?


Set the cable…
when the skeg is fully retracted, flush with the hull or close to it.

Maybe Sticking Out Just a Bit
"Proud" they calls it.

Necky is changing thse set screws.
They are changing to a hex head which will allow more torque on the wire. Have them send you some. In the mean time tighten those set screws firmly and you should be fine.

That skeg is NOT meant to deploy vertically, rather at about a 30 degree angle at most. If you can see the wire in the skeg blade it’s set too deep. It works beautifully when adjusted correctly and your wire will NOT kink. a skeg’s job is to trim a layak to accoun to account for weatherhelming. Your skeg fully deployed will do as a fully deployed skeg should…leehealm the boat. Often all you need is a slight drop of a skeg (1-2") to compensate for weatherhelming.

what salty said
you really don’t need more than the width of the skeg deployed for maximum tracking.

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the new boats from the UK are coming
with DEEP skegs…pix of a cetus shows the skeg coming down to a 90 degree Keel…

see this vid to show it…

also i think that the karitek hydraulic skeg deploys at a close to 90 degree angle to the boat…