How fast is a tandem canoe?

Race where I’d be lumped in with them in my 22’ CD Libra XT

Other option is Extreme over 18’ so against surf ski’s that I know is definitely not good.

I assume canoe tandem should be fairly faster than my Libra unless it was rough. 2.5 or 5 mile races.

Canoes of comparable style, a tandem will be faster. But a fast solo can be faster than a slow tandem depending on the paddlers.


Thanks my tandem is about 5.5 or 6 maybe if it was real rough. Oh well back to the drawing board.

Is there a hull width requirement in the tandem canoe class you are entering? Most rec canoe classes have a max length of 18’6" require the hull to be proportional to keep out skinny boats. In a 22’ boat, I take it you would be in some sort of unlimited class in which case you might be at a disadvantage if there are a lot of true racing boats in the mix.

Libra XT tandem 22’ x 32" only hope would be rough water.

What are the rules in the class you would enter it in? Since your boat is 22’ I am assuming is an unlimited class of some sort, so if you have two paddlers and use double blade paddles you could be competitive. If there are a lot of real racing boats in the class though not so much. Some times its better to go small and run in a rec kayak class rather than have to be in there with the big dogs.

Can’t enter my CD Extreme at 18’-8" I’d be in with surf ski’s. Possibly my Solstice 17’-6 in kayak class.

Looking at it now can’t have a tandem bigger than 17’

Well, if you could find a Jensen 17’ you would problem smoke them. Distances are pretty close to a sprint for C2 marathon paddlers.

Winning time for the AuSable marathon tends to close to 14 hours. That’s an average of almost 8.5 mph for the 14+ hours. Maybe 60% moving water.

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Nothing I own will do 8.5 mph even in sprint mode and it wouldn’t be for 2.5 miles my heart :heart: would be on the deck. Regular kayak class may be the best choice 18’ or less I’d use my CD Solstice GT.

Age classes should help me at 68 LOL :flushed::scream:.

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