How fast?

My friends and I are planning to canoe the whole Erie Canal this summer. I’ve never really done a big trip like this, just day trips fishing or on some rivers. How many miles can I expect to do in one hour? My friends and I are all active and in good physical shape. Any guesses as to how long this trip might take? It’s 340 miles, and we will probably be paddling for most of daylight. Thanks in advance for any help.


Check this trip out …

Consider a kayak.

2 - 3 weeks if
you want to enjoy the trip, have a good time and use a kayak.

Don’t worry about speed. Enjoy every second of the journey and don’t worry about the end… it will be there waiting.

Have fun

Paddlin’ on


SOOOOOOOO many variables.

Ive gone from ZERO to 10 miles in an hour.

All mainly weather or current dependant…i.e wind, storms, fast or slow current.

It will also depend on boat design…just like sail boats, bikes, cars, airplanes…they are all designed according to certain weather conditions too…i.e aerodynamics etc.

Also your strengths too.

For A 350 MILE TRIP PLAN on 10- 20 per day to play it safe. Just note a trip of that length HAS been done (distance wise) in two days. However I would plan 10 days to two weeks or about so you can enjoy it.

Camping spots
Check out the kayak guy link above if you plan on camping. Bill (the kayak guy himself) found that spots to pull off for a paddle boat and camp required some real planning. And many of the takeouts were much better suited for power boats than paddle boats. He documented a lot of that.