'How it's Built' video series (Turning Point Boatworks)

If you want to see an excellent series on the ‘building of a kayak’ and have some time - there are 7 videos of varying length (total over 2 hours).


I look forward to viewing these. A better way to spend 2 hrs that with glazed eyes watching the 99 and 44/100 % pure rubbish from the networks and streamers.

I’ve been devouring these as well. I’m waiting on a Petrel Play from Joey now. It’s amazing how much work goes into these. His many years repairing all makes of kayak have really taught him what works and what does not.


interesting to note, in the background of the last vid (last couple of minutes) there are 5 NDK boats (assuming in for repair).


I like the series. A parallel series to Turning Point Boatwork’s is this one by Nick Schrade for a S&G Petrel Play:

A lot of “fumes” to take in. LOL!


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I worked with Xylene some in my career and didn’t care for it. Now we know why these boats cost so much…lol…holy smokes. It seems overkill but maybe not for sea kayaks that need strength and dependability. I’d like to know how much easier a phoenix kayak would be to make.

I’ve been watching these as well. I have a boat on order from Joey. Due to the color so far I thought the one he was building was mine. But when he said the customer wanted a special lower deck…….i knew it is not. Guess my wait will be a little longer.

Anticipation/wait is hard. I struggled a bit waiting for my Sterling. Took the edge of by keeping and riding my Dephin 150 until the new boat arrived. :slight_smile:

I didn’t really follow/research much on Turning Point when I was looking for superlight composite surf ride. It would would have been a tough choice to pick between the Sterling Progression and the TPB Petrel Play. Given retirement is around the corner, only way I would get a Petrel Play in the future is with a S&G kit. Time for money.


Petrel Play at “play.”


If you have the space and the skills and the want - definitely.
You’ll have a great winter project and you’ll know it much better than if bought off the shelf.
The only problem with it is all the ooh’s and aw’s and questions you get from the folk at waterside.

Turning Point is very highly regarded and many of our members of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association have had work done there. Quality work at reasonable prices. It’s nice to find someone who specializes in kayaks. Many boat yards are not interested in working with kayaks. Too much finicky work and inaccessible places in so small a boat.


Forgot to mention it was sad to hear of the person who died from styrene inhalation after doing composite boat repairs in a inappropriately ventilated space.

My Sterling Ilusion boat was the best boat I ever paddled - and I paddled many of them. Fabulous workmanship with performance and comfort to boot - I let mine go when I moved cross country and regret it.

But you left behind a paddler who was/is very happy with a nice preowned Sterling!


Depends on types of repairs.

No repairs needed - the boat was pristine which is how I treat all of my boats.

I spent the last two summers touring with a strip built Petrel Play and a sog Chesapeake 17 on the truck rack. We’ve often been stopped and questioned, Did you build that kayak(canoe). It’s happens at boat ramps, camp grounds, shopping center parking lots, and once in the center lane of I-75 in downtown Atlanta. Some people once walked across the rest stop truck parking lot to look at them.

Some times we have to be a little rude, cut the conversation and move on. Boats, traffic, etc can’t wait.

Ok. I admit that I would probably be even more rude/brusque. When I am out to paddle, that is what I want to do. One of the reasons that I solo most of the time is to not be bothered or slowed down with the coordination and social interaction. I tend to be a bit more chilled afterwards, post endorphin and adrenaline fix. Some post surf chatting is ok.


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