How long could a poly kayak last?

It already did
In the time you spent posting on just one day, it warped to the point of no return. Maybe you could go watch it to see the process. As good as watching paint dry.

The Time Casule P-140!
Don’t deprive future generations of

your fantastic craft…BURY IT NOW with a

commemorative plaque while you still have

the chance! Remember, it’s not only sunlight

but actual USE that takes it’s toll on many a

poly boat…So if keeping it forever is what you

want, then find a construction site and ask the

crew to permanently sink your boat beneath a

concrete foundation. I’m sure the Army Corps of

Engineers would be glad to place it under

a damn somewhere in the state of Colorado.

Go for it!

Why worry? Its not the kayak
its the memories. Sure if you use it you will wear it out.

Would you get more enjoyment out of a monument? I think not.

Its all about the paddler and NOT the boat.


Its a tool like a kitchen knife.

Oh, thank God,
I was wondering why it used to float in two and a half inches of water, and now it needs four.

I knew it had to be the darn aging poly, and have nothing to do with my being a tad heavier than I was.

You’ve made my decade :wink:


Just wondering
how could I make a molded pattern of the deck and hull of the existing kayak to build a wooden version in about 35 years?? Whats wrong with having a wooden version of your first kayak?? Nothing morally wrong with it!

Isnt it alright to ask about building a wooden kayak?? I’m still going to use the poly one plenty, but why not make a wood version of it someday? I like the design, and many people make wooden kayaks based on ancient designs.

Ancient design?
“I like the design, and many people make wooden kayaks based on ancient designs.”

Wow! The Pammy14 is an ancient design! Learn something every day!

Do whatever the heck you want
when it’s your money and your time. Make one out of kevlar or concrete, make a SOF, make a bronze monument, if you like.

My guess is that even you will ahve different priorities and preferences in 35 years – your world will be quite different – and you might have your own family, kids, etc.

You’ll probably be needing a canoe.


No, I’m saying that I dont have to
paddle the newest design. It’s okay to paddle obsolete.

Then, I used people who paddle ancient inuit designs as an example that you dont have to follow the current fad.

Of course the the Pamlico 140 isnt ancient. It is still a new kayak, recently discontinued.