How long could a poly kayak last?

stored out of the sun?? Is it possible to use a Poly kayak for 40 yrs?? How about 30?? I am just wondering. Even if I ever got another kayak, why give up my pamlico 140? What is the longest possible length of time you could use a plastic kayak before retiring it, if you keep it out of UV??

I think when my Pamlico 140 becomes too worn, I’ll keep it as a “symbol” of good times and as a decor of rememberance. Further down in my life I may get things like inflatibles for global trips, or a small solo canoe, but I’d always like to have the option of paddling my first “Love” in the kayak world. This will sound stupid, so dont critisize please, but is it possible to make a wood version of my current kayak? I KNOW it sounds dumb, but I think after alot of years using it, I might enjoy having a beautiful wood version to paddle. I like the styling of my kayak very much, and that is one reason for this. If I took the old plastic original to a custom maker, could it be custom made out of wood with the same identical design?? Please dont critisize me too much on this!

UV ray damage
If you store your kayak out of the sun, my guess is it would easily last 20+ years. A friend of mine bought a 25 year old poly kayak that was in good condition, stored in a basement, but then again, I don’t think it saw much use, either.

With good care, your beloved kayak should last a long, long time.

So, is 30, even 40 years possible??

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Even if it just lasts and lasts, I'd still want a wood version of it. That'd be sick!!

I was wondering, If I learned how to make wooden kayaks via a class and book reading, could I somehow get a molded pattern of the deck and hull to make an exact replica in wood lay up?? Is there any material out there that if I were to put it around the deck and hull/gunwhales of the kayak, it would remain rigid and give me an exact copy?? Is there a material that can be bent to countur an exact fit around the lines of the kayak, without harming it??

Hire artisan to make a paper mache P140

I wish you were my kid…

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..You are so easily pleased. ;) I am curious..Have you ever TRIED a longer, sleeker boat as in sea kayak?

Much as I like my Capella I know I'll get the urge to merge with a bigger, better boat soon so I'm not to worried about preserving it. There are custom wood kayak builders that'll build you anything as long as you have the cash. You could have them design a kit so you can build it yourself too. Start saving now.

I honestly don’t know
But, your interest in building a wooden kayak is something you may want to research and pursue. And good for you!

I’ve paddled 40 kayaks.
The sleekest was the CD caribou.

Matt at JEM Watercraft will design
some plans for a wooden version of your boat and instructions on how to use them.

I’ve got…
a poly boat I purchased used in 1978. It was my first kayak love.

It doesnt see much use now, but it’s been heavily used in years past. It’s still very sound.

I’m glad I kept it.


Copying is stealing
The design of a kayak represents someone’s time, hard work and intellectual property.

It would be plenty easy to use an existing boat as a plug for a mold.

However, that would be stealing.

Thats 31 years old
That is great!!

I would make it like 40 years from now.

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The kayak is already discontinued. After a certain time things become open for duplication.

How do you make a mold from the existing kayak as a "plug"? Without any harm to the original kayak, of course.

poly kayak
The problem isn’t that the poly will fall apart, it’ll likely survive nearly forever if stored out of the sun. The problem is the plastic becomes more and more flexible as it ages and won’t have the same shape in the water, bow and stern bow upwards with water pressure.

Bill H.

when does this happen?

Don’t worry…
when your boat deforms, it can only improve…

Next week!

Just save up and buy the old mold
it’s probably sitting around in someones basement anyway and should be on ebay in the next 10 years or so. Imagine if you could make your own boat, pour your own plastic and make as many as you want to make. Heck, you could hand them out to your friends, you could make a new one for yourself every year.

Wonder if flatpick know where that mold might be.


I would suggest that you stop paddling it immediately, wash it good, place it in a long glass viewing case in your home, and just admire it.

Not long in a fire.

take it out back
and fill it with sand, and some little plastic shovels and buckets. it should do well for that, and I’m sure you’ll still enjoy it just as much. you can get a cockpit cover to keep the cats out.