How long do map edits and launch comments take to post?

I have made several map edits in my area and posted a number of comments to help other kayakers out, but nothing has posted in the past month. Many of the launches in my area have 11-12 year old comments and I posted a bunch of updates. I assume these get moderated or forwarded to local super users or something. Thanks.

No, updates and additions to maps are not moderated. I think that section of the site has been broken since pNet was sold. Or maybe when the software was changed.

Yikes, that’s disappointing. I was looking at an area another county over from me and there were edits to a launch as recent as 21 days ago. Something somewhere is working it seems. Thanks for the intel either way.

It seems that sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t… not a good thing.

Maybe @VSAdmin can have this looked into.