How long do you go without it?

read faster??

Should hit 115 hours
By end of August about 600 miles since ice out in March. Thats the work out miles and time. Don’t keep track of the just going out to paddle paddles. Although that happens a couple times a month. Hours will diminish as the days grow shorter. Then will hang it up for the Concept2 from mid October till March. Paddling in NH in winter is for the hard core.

not too long :wink:
I’ve got it good.

Put my first paddle in water July 20, since then hit it twice a week for two hours per trip of flatwater river paddling. Weekends go out twice at 5 hours actual paddling per outing, sometimes more. Weekends I pick a different lake or river somewhere within 45 minutes of my driveway. God bless Michigan for that, and for requiring, by law, a public access to all rivers and all naturally formed lakes.

Being nooby-new wanna get in as many hours as I can before the Michigan winter. Wanna work on all basic paddling techniques, running a few modest lake waves and boat wakes, and perfecting a nice dry entry and bracing out of my cozy cockpit. People who have been out a year or so & taken instruction say I’m doin’ right well for only a month. I soak up whatever they wanna tell me as far as technique. Yes I practice & not embarrassed to admit it.

I’m with oldBill, come last week of October it’s time to put the kayaks to bed. Sigh.

Maybe about 2 months
during the school year when it seems we have so many other obligations, social activites to keep us in Houston, away from the bay house.

Petty response
Still if that is all you have to worry about then your life could be worse. Keep smiling.

I was in serious withdrawl.
I left my old current designs pisces on a bank above where i launch w/o securing it properly for the last three years. This year the very last storm of the season pushed a one or two foot storm surge into the cove. The surge was churning all sorts of logs about which resulted in my precious boat being swept to its death. The biggest piece I have found so far is one of the bulkheads.

So say early feb to late july with no boat to paddle. Worst withdrawl symptoms ever.

Haven’t paddled my Phantom since winter!
Only paddled my Black Marlin a few times this season. Only paddled my Necky Blunt creek boat once this season. Only paddled my Posiedon two or three times.

I’ve paddled my Explorer HV a lot. Paddled the Aleut Sea II tandem a certain amount. Paddled my Inazone a lot, my Score plenty, my Barcelona slalom boat a certain amount, and my Seda Glider a lot (3 days this week including this morning on the water at 5:30am) Since you asked…

It has been about a month since I’ve ridden my Felt 65 road bike…buts thats another website…

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Life is a paddle trip . . .
trouble is, you gotta go ashore sooner or later. (Just work on shortening those forays ashore).

Im new so…
once a week or about there, for short spurts. Mostly around sunset.

On the weekends we’ll do the once a month 4 hour trip, but its still mostly just early morning 1-2 hour paddling around our favorite lakes.

Gonna try my first calm water creek shortly…

not long…
I can’t go more than about a week without a good river trip of 10 miles or more. I go out most of the winter too…the best time for seeing my local eagles. I have 2 main rivers not more than a few miles away for local runs…and I have 2 lakes within 10 minutes for a quick paddle if needed.

i don’t
i live on the edge of a salt marsh in the south so i can go out anytime. right now its pelting rain and lightning so maybe i’ll wait till tomorrow!

Thank you for the many replies
I was hoping to get a few responses to help me gain a proper perspective. You were all so kind and forthcomming. I appriciate learning about your lives and personal situations as well as the type of watercraft you enjoy. I’ll be praying for each of you, for healing, finances, peace and other needs as you’ve revealed them.

you’re looking for someone to pray for?

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please pray for dick cheney, george bush, donald rumsfeld, israeli prime minister olmert, and that iranian guy amajamibad or whatever, korean kim il dung, they need it

Thanks For The Prayer…

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nice gesture. :)

Actually, I have nothing to complain about. Paddling is "recreation." I like it, glad I have access to and can do it. But, it ain't the be-all, end-all for me. I have other recreational options to balance out the other parts of my life. I think I have a pretty good life in general. :)

Think prayers should go to those who really can use some concern and thoughtfulness and maybe helpful action.

For a little broader perspective... One year after Katrina, many down there are still homeless and jobless. That situation deserves some real attention. Most folks hanging at PNet have really no need in comparison.