How long do you go without it?

Whew, my last paddle was June 23rd. Almost two months is a long time since I paddle 2-3 times a week. It sure felt good to get out in the rapids at Ten Mile River on the Upper Delaware River near Narrowsburg, NY. It was perfect weather today.

Maybe I’m spoiled but how about my fellow Pnetters?

Do you need advice, suggestions, or
general help?

How long?
Oh, from about late Oct. to early April…that’s how long

Kinda tough when the water is hard. Spring-Fall though is usually at least once a week depending on what else I have going on. Rarely more then 2 weeks in between paddles.


Whew, 2 months is a long time,
i would consider divorce in that situation. Me, since i haven’t been white water yaking for about one month i am now very river horny and in lieu of that will get out and paddle a nearby lake and do some rolling etc. So, for me, the maximum is about a month or two of celebacy.

howz about a year and a half …

2nd week of June - - - damned
I’ll be lucky to get 4 more hours in this year - - that will be less than 1 hour a month for the year for me. Even less last year.

Hmmmmm - - I’ll have averaged more hours per day at work than per year on the water.

Sad isn’t it

Two Weeks
There was a particularly cold period, (for here), in December of last year or maybe January and I did not get out at all.


Oh! You were talking about paddling!

What ever ‘floats your boat’ dude

Due to a spinal injury
about a month but in two weeks, but pain or no, I’m WILL be out on the Chassahowitzka River for some paddling, poling, fishing, crabbing, foraging, camping and if the pain get’s a bit too much I’ll settle into a spring with enough current to buoy me up for some water-suspension treatment. With all the springs and warm weather here in Florida it seems sacrilegious not to.

Going On 5 Weeks…
of no paddling. Just waiting for waves to show. In the meantime, pretty happy just doing workouts, sparring with my kid, skateboarding, taking walks and jogs.

Guess I am not a dedicated paddler. Rather, paddling is just one of the activities I enjoy when the conditions are right.


I Have Always Enjoyed the Water
And I live near lots of paddling opportunities. I am at the age now where I need to watch what I eat and get some exersize. I don’t really enjoy exersizing and look for things that I like that will provide what I need. Paddling fits the bill and is available, so…

Happy Paddling,


I have been active as a young kid, participating almost exclusively in individual and adrenaline type sports. It’s always been the Nike motto: Just do it! I’ve never burnt out because of the variety and have never experienced “over-used” type injuries. The trauma injuries that I experienced (knock on wood) had no noticeable debilitating effects.

I don’t worry about my weight or what I eat so long as I am regularly active.


My family hates it when I get to the one week mark. I am told I get very irritable, withdrawn, moody and just plain unpleasant! I’m sure they are right! I need my fix at least every 4 days to keep me my usual jovial good natured self! And the dead season between end of kayak (mid November) and start of downhill (mid December) is HORRIBLE!!! I should probably hibernate or something!

wife throws me out of the house
and says “go paddle!” you are being a (#$%^# …)

With the trip up to Columbia to check it out this is day 4 so I expect to be on the water this afternoon.

Spent the day yesterday replacing all the deck rigging and bungees on the legend and putting non skid tape on the back and front decks. The deck did not come back as well as I would have liked so ti is just gonna have to be a used looking boat :slight_smile: I tried sanding with 1000 and 1200 wet dry sandpaper but I think the gelcoat is just too thin to restore. we put some marine tex on some dings in the hull on the chine and i will sand them down today after the paddle. boat is in great shape otherwise…just wonderfully used.


Still not paddling?!
Did I just read right Dan? You are still not paddling?! Wow! Bummer! Major Bummer!!! Any thing I can do to help get you back on the water man?



twice a week
hopefully. Once a week after work for flatwater, once a week after work cl.2 6 mile run, water permitting. Weekends possibly if not sailing. That’s for this time of year. March is flatwater only, breaking the ice literally and figuratively, april and may generally whitewater only, though this year it was mostly river runs up until last week.Finish up around oct. and play in the woods.

Thanks for all that Replys
As always on Pnet, I got my concern addressed and learned a great deal more.

Wonderful site, greatly appriciated

The really sad part …
… is realizing I’ve spent more hours READING about paddling on the Internet, than ACTUALLY paddling on the water.

I’ve been working hard this season to invert that proportion …

nope, still can’t kayak …
the arm which i still can’t lift over my head if holding even a can of coke, certainly cannot manage a kayak paddle.

but i CAN canoe. my off water arm kinda rides up on top of the paddle with my on water hand doing the work. i can only paddle on the left side, and it hurts. but it’s doable.

in fact, i’m heading off to the NWT the day after labor day for a 4-6 week canoe exedition down the mountain river into the Mackenzie. i need this for my mental well being.

maybe when i get back, i can get together with you and rent or borrow a sea wind or dream catcher so i can get some ocean into my life.