how long does 303 last?

I keep all my plastic yaks under cover when being used but keep them wiped with 303. What removes it? will suntan lotions or spilled beer, or saltwater degrade it? Or constant getting off and on wipe it off?

"Everybody Needs a 303"
It’s the title to track 5 on the Fatboy Slim album “Better Living Through Chemistry.”

It lasts until I remember to put it on
Again. Usually 3-4 months.

Kokatat recommends
applying 303 to dry suit gaskets every 6 weeks during the summer when the suit is in storage, so I guess that’s how long it lasts. I can’t answer your question about what makes it wear away, but it’s obviously not use related.


Not long…not long at all
I use it on rubber hatches on the kayak but never on a composite hull. It’s good for royalex that is stored outside but rain is all that’s needed to wash it off and even a short paddling trip will show that it doesn’t last.

I found out . . .
when I 303’d the hull of my Eddyline Nighthawk - even though I had it out in the water several times, I still couldn’t set it down on any slanted surface - for weeks! I’ll never, ever do that again! Deck only!


Wash Off?
Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is a chemical bond, it doesn’t wash off. And you can use it on composites with or without a gelcoat. Most boat companies using skin-coat (no gel) Kevlar boats HIGHLY recommend 303 use on their composites. Again as I’ve posted, if you read the directions you are supposed to buff it out with continually dry cloth so it is NOT left with a film you can feel or see. IF you can see it on your boat or hatches… you didn’t buff it out enough till dry. I was told by the folks at 303 in California that it was originally used to keep windsurfing sails from being damaged by UV. If it didn’t wash off sails it won’t wash off your boat. The 303 folks used to state reapplication every 4 months or so, but you might want to call THEM for the real beta on the product. Another equally good UV inhibitor out there is made by Mcnett and is called ‘UV Tech’ Surface Protectant and Rejuvenator. Use either one but do read the directions. And no… the slick film you neglected to buff out will not make your boat faster, as a friend who used to race marathon kayaks believes. If in doubt, call the people who make the stuff, if anybody has the answer, they will! Happy paddling folks.

On my windshield? Forever.
I stopped using it after seawater dripped off my kayak onto the windshield a few times, taking some 303 with it. What a mess. To be fair, I think any treatment may have done the same thing.