How long is a Dagger Encore?

The reviews say 14’6",that seems a little long,like a Caption or an ME, thanks for an answer.

I think it’s 13’2"
All’s I know, it’s JUST RIGHT :-). Handles shorter, length is nice on drops, surfing and holes. My opinion.

I’ll go out and measure tomorrow
now that I have one. CBoats says 13’2"

I remember it as 13’. The Genesis was
longer, might have been 14.5.

Paddler 1992 Buyer’s Guide
Encore 13’ 2"

Genisis 13" 5"


Interesting. Might make me more
interested in a used Genesis. They could have called it a wet Exodus.

I got a Encore when they came out then sold it and got a Genesis. They were something different for me as I was only familiar with youe standard Grumman.

Got out the tape measure this morning

I just picked it up tonight, can’t wait to get on the river with it. I have a Penob. 16, an Appalachian and an old OT Otter canoe, I’ve been twisting these around rocks for the past few years. I believe I got enough rocker now to have alot more fun in the rapids. Thanks for input and info.