how long till you can paint epoxy resin?

I did some work to the inside of a kevlar canoe and now want to paint interior surface. I finished the epoxy last night, can I paint tonight? I bought an acrylic latex enamel.

Ah’ s usually let de epoxy cure

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fer about 6-8 weeks before ah' varnish or paint.


6-8 weeks, yeowwww!
I’m anxious to make it look purrdy.

Thanks Fat Elmo

Painting epoxy
Make sure you prepare the surface. After epoxy dries a blush will form on the surface. Wash this off with water and let dry throughly. Do not use acetone to clean it. If you don’t wash it the paint will not bond properly.

learning as I go
I put a coat of epoxy over a previous coat. But, I didn’t notice any kind of blush. So, I just scratched up the surface with course sandpaper.

Could the blush have been there but I couldn’t see it? I ran my hand over the areas a number of times but never saw anything come off on my hands either.

Is it possible to not get any blush?

Thaar be epoxies
dat are low blush an’ some claim ta be no blush. Ah’ don’t trust dat claim too much. Amine blush be a waxy-like gunk dat forms as a result of de curing epoxy contacting air an’ moisture. Ah’ feel dat lettin’ epoxy cure fer a long time before varnishin’ or paintin’, an’ then washin’ it down well (amine blush be water soluble) before yer put a coat of paint or varnish will, as already mentioned, provide a clean bond.


I’ve done 2 boats and never seen
blush,but washed them anyway.

I agree with FE. Final cure for epoxy takes awhile. I usuallly wait at least a month and the cooler the weather, the longer the wait.

it’s possible, but not probable
Most epoxies have some kind of blush happening. You can’t see it. The surface feels slightly “oily” or “waxy”. Just sanding doesn’t remove it, it drives the blush into the surface.

Best thing is to wash the hull with water to which a

little ammonia has been added. Then rinse well and let dry. Spic and Span or TSP will work also.

I would then paint a small patch to see how it cures first, before doing the whole thing.

thanks guys
sounds like it may have been a good thing it was just a little cosmetic stuff rather than structural

Painted a repair without waiting
I patched a damage area on my kayak with FG and epoxy resin over the winter of 05-06. Only about six square inches of patch. I painted it with hobby-acrylic paint within a week. I wiped down the patch with alcohol before applying the paint.

I used the kayak Saturday and my eye caught the imperfect paint job. Looked about the same as when I put it on. What happened to my blush? And doesn’t epoxy continue to blush forever?

~~Chip Walsh Gambrills, MD

jjoven beat me to the punch. Add a bit of ammonia to the rinse water when you wash the boat. I have varnished over epoxy with a 3 day wiat with no problems.

don’t listen to speculation…
Follow the epoxy manufacturers recommendations.

Remember, while the experience and advice here is a great and extremely valuable tool, you’ll be the one scraping and sanding if you didn’t follow what the manufacturer said.