How long will a dry top last?

How long can you expect a dry top to last like the Kokatat Helix? If you follow the care instructions and spray it with the protectent and keep the DWR spray on the fabric, how many years will one last, using it maybe 20 times a year?

It’s hard to say…
…as it’s largely dependent on how long the fabric holds up. The seals will require periodic replacement, but if the fabric lasts, the top should be good for many years. Unfortunately, it only has a two-year warranty, so once the fabric goes, the top is junk. The Gore-Tex Rogue is twice the price, so it’s up to you to guess whether the better fabric and warranty are worth the extra cost.

Personally, I just look for Gore-Tex gear on sale at the end of the season or online at places like Sierra Trading Post and

5 years & going strong
Got my Goretex Bomber drytop 5 years ago, use it at least 20 times a year & it shows no signs of wear.

I 303 the gaskets religiously at the beginning of the cold season, once or twice during, and again when I put it away for the summer.

I’ve done the 303 fabric care spray a couple of times.

bomber gear
outta biz but i’ve had one of their dry tops for close to 10 years i’d guess…coupla gaskets but besides that, i can’t kill the thing. great piece of kit…too bad about the company.

I had bad luck with a Bomber Gear skirt.

burned through a rogue in 4 years
at least once weekly use year round.

Well, of course you did
you’re a guy, you’re supposed to wear pants! :wink:

maybe THATS
why they’re no longer around…huh. i have one of their skirts too…don’t use it at all anymore, just a spare but no problems with it back in the day.

dt on the other hand…rock solid.

Same here

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I've got one of their dry tops and it's an excellent piece of gear. Great design, great fit, well made. I got it dirt cheap, too!

If you’re lucky…
A Tropos drytop won’t last long because you’ll sweat like a pig in it and hate it. My gortex dry top is over 15 years old. Beat and patched, it’s an old friend. My Tropos is 2 yrs old, do you want it?