How long will a Kayak last

I am looking at a perception aqua terra 1995, it looks in good shape. How long will they normally last, If taken care of. What would be a fair price? Thanks,

15 years
$1500. Better buy it quick, Dec. 31 it turns into a pumpkin.

My Keowee is almost as good as it was new in 1994.

If I even thought it was questionable I wouldnt leave my son use it.

Granted mine has been garaged and 303ed since new.

Stored outside???

Flip it over and jump on it,that should tell you if its worth the price.

until you are sick of it
they last a long time if given even a little care.

push on the plstc.
to see if it springs back like all the other plstc. stuff . Up above the tide lines you’ll find old plstc. btls. an such (yeah it ain’t the same plstc. but it does degrade similarly) some of it looks fine until ya bend it an it breaks like slate .

fair price , tricky one , too many variables .


Hairline cracks
Find a dark or shaded spot and use a bright flashlight to look for cracks.

Eyes on one side, flashlight on the other side.

I dont know if this actually works but I heard it somewhere.I only buy used canoes.Kayaks are always new.

what model?

Barnacles are a bad sign! The kayak may have been stored outside, on the water.

How long will Kayak…
The model is a Perception Spectrum. Thanks, Tom

As long as the original owner wants it…



it flies off a roof rack in front of a semi truck. Or perhaps you crush it going over a falls and it cannot be dragged out with a winch. Or maybe it falls onto the campfire while you are asleep. You can never predict these things.

Longevity of plastic kayaks
My understanding is that plastic boats deteriorate because of the cumulative amount of sunlight they have been exposed to. 15 years is pretty old for a plastic boat, I would not pay much for one that old. A fiberglass boat is a much better bet to last longer.

Given an equal amount of sun exposure?
(and possibly neglect)… I really doubt the glass boat’s protective coatings and epoxy would outlive the plastic. But, it’s an interesting point that I’d like to hear more about.

$200 tops … pristine condition (nm)

Stored outside = neglect
…epoxy and gelcoat will break down.

I had one of those once
IMO not worth two cents.

It weathervanes just horribly. Had one…fought with it. Other kayakers in our club had some too…they fought too. ( I felt better as it wasn’t just me!)

If there was no breeze all OK. If wind above 10 mph watch out.

David Yost designed it and it should have been a decent light tourer/rec kayak. But according to DY when they came out of the mold, for some reason the stern sprung higher than it should have and had essentially too much rocker…more than it was designed to have.

For calm water paddling its no speedster but it can be fun.

If taken care of…
they will out last you.

I’ve got a poly boat bought used in 1978.

Always protected from the sun when in storage.

It’s still in decent enough shape to paddle anywhere.


Mine has sat outside uncovered
for twenty some years now. Old Town Discovery 169. I beat the living crap out of it, jump it over logs and sand bars and rocks. It gets covered with feet of snow every winter. You simply can’t kill it. Not all plastics are created equal. I would say OT has no equal. Tough as the day it was born.

good info