how many have both

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I would still be considered a beginer in my sea kayak, still learning to roll.
But can see where some day I would like a shorty plastic kayak just for the pool and playing in the surf.
How many of you have both types of kayaks.
I really have no desire to run rivers. But I think surfing would be a blast.

sea kayak, ww kayak, & canoe
All have their time & place.

You might want to consider a SOT for surfing.

It’s a sickness
Some of us have multiple boats that are for specific purposes and others have multiple boats that do the same thing.

I have a surf kayak, a racing kayak, an expedition kayak and a touring kayak.

Personally I wouldn’t buy a boat for the purpose of using it in a pool. Any of my boats I can bring to the pool but that isn’t their purpose.


More than one boat???

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Gee, some have more than one ;-)

We are up to 10 kayaks. 5 sea kayaks and 5 ww boats for the two of us. I am hoping to sell one of the ww boats. Among paddlers we know, this is not unusual.

As far as sea kayaks: We have two (one each) expedition length boats for camping and longer paddles. We have two composite day boats (approx 16') for afterwork and easy weekend paddling and one poly playboat (Elaho DS) which we've had the longest which along with my Romany also serves as a guest boat.

In white water boats: we each have old school (Piedra, Pirouette) and planing hull (Inazone 232 and 220) boats. The tenth boat is my Prijon Rockit which I hope to sell.

And they are so cheap
After the cost of composite sea kayaks, the used price you can get very decent WW boats at makes it like buying candy.

They are also a heck of a lot easier to haul into winter pool sessions, throw over snow banks and drag thru uncooperative doors.

Fit and volume are a lot pickier though - these boats are much more tuned to a specific size than sea kayaks, and what seems like a minor miss in size match can make the diff between a roll that will or won’t work in conditions.

Sure is
I have my everyday sea kayak, a rough water & expedtion sea kayak, a canoe, and a ww kayak.

My other half has her everyday sea kayak, a rough water & expedition sea kayak, a homebuilt “guest sea kayak”, and is demoing a rough water sea kayak, which will probably replace the expedtion boat, since she’s not a fan of kayak camping.

And, I was looking at solo canoes yesterday online…

2 WW boats, a sea yak, a canoe, and …
…an SOT.

Got to have a quiver
Be careful once you start surfing you start getting itchy to get boats for different conditions.

I currently have two waveskis, a whitewater boat,a surfkayak, and a SOT surfkayak. I keep them around so I can introduce surfing to friends. I pick the boat to max the day’s conditions.

With lakes, ww rivers, open ocean and surf environments, “multi” is more like it, though I have seriously reduced the collection of longboats and will be down to one in that category.

Heck, I even have a flatwater canoe still…


me too : )
i have a sailing canoe, two sea yaks, two old school ww boats, and a rec yak. i’ll probably add a canoe soon, either a solo or outrigger.