How many here live below the Mason Dixon line?

And of that group, how many were born there?
I ask because it seems most posters are from the northern part of the US.

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I live in North Carolina, but I was born and raised in Michigan.

Texas here. All my life, so far.

Let me see if I can muddy the water sufficiently, smile. I was born in New York. I currently live in Delaware. Delaware was east of the Mason-Dixon Line, and was considered a border state, though there are lots of confusing writings about how Delaware fit into the north south divide. Here is what DE currently says:

Myths of the Mason Dixon line - Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs - State of Delaware

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It would be 122 years from the time the Mason-Dixon line was surveyed until my birth state (Washington) got it’s star on the flag.

Baltimore all my life.

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To be honest I didn’t even know where it was, just a general idea of its significance.
And the fact that I’ve usually lived below it except for a year in South Korea and 2.5 in Colorado . Do
11 years in Texas count?

I’m from “the South’s South.” So, yea.

Florida’s panhandle and man, it’s F**^&UGTRY()(&(^&%(# HOT!


Same here today.but at 7pm it’s 89. Not too bad.

Originally from New Orleans & MS Gulf Coast. After college, lived in Rhode Island, California, & mostly Florida when not living/working outside the US. Now back on the MS Gulf Coast.

Native to SoCal, after much wandering, planted in SoChes(apeake).

We are a well traveled group.

Born in Georgia, raised in South Carolina, live in Florida.

Florida, born here and still here 71 years later.

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I was born in Florida to Florida natives. Moved to SC when I was 2.

Damn Florida is a popular place for paddlers.

I live here too, but I might be the strangest one because I was born in Phoenix. I might be the only one born there that didn’t move to California.

I did the reverse: born in Annapolis, MD, so just below the line. But since I was 2 I have lived above it (mostly 70 miles north of the line’s western terminus. ) Technically the only states North of the MDL are PA, NY, NJ, DE and the 6 New England states.

Not surprising that there are so many paddlers in a long skinny peninsular state (FL) with 1350 miles of warm water coastline. I lived for a while in Michigan which has 3300 miles of freshwater coast (much of it rather chilly). Current location (Pennsylvania) may not have ocean frontage but has access to one Great Lake and 86,000 miles of rivers and streams, second only to Alaska in that respect.

Beautiful Missouri !!!
Originally from CA (as of 16 years ago)