How many Levels that Suwannee River has?

Does anyone know the level between Fargo, Georgia and White Springs, Forida compared with the level it was at this time last year ??
You can look up history here.
Anything else you need done for you?

Naw I don’t know about specific levels last year. But it follows rain fall in the south Georgia area. For planning purposes use the White Springs gauge.

OK, let me think on it a little longer…We led a series of trips from Roline Ramp to Big Shoals last June, 2017. The gauge at White Springs read 52.53. It was a good paddle. However about this time of year it was dry at Stephen Foster State park in Florida. Here is a picture posted 5-28-17…

Well it can be a dry season. Its raining like a lot right today, but lake levels have been about 18" to 24" lower than normal this year. And, yes, I don’t remember the gauge reading when the picture was taken.

Not the same place as the preceding picture but near that spot a month later…6-23-17

I heard that Gainesville got 5" of rain yesterday!
Here’s are photos of the Stephen Foster State park area 6-7-2012. It had plenty of water for the start of a 5 day trip. We pulled out the next day because of the forecast and rain that morning, and the next day flooded over the high banks. So water level is definitely rain dependent.