How many of we outdoor types have had Covid?

How severe was it and how long did it last?
My wife and I are starting to get over it. Hers resembled a medium cold with coughing ; mine has wasted me and recovery is slow.

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So far have not gotten Covid.

No idea if I had it or not. Had a couple colds. Decided not to test for it.

I came down with in summer 2022. There’s no question I got infected during travel out of the region, based on the timing and the fact that people were coughing and/or sneezing in several places while near us.

There’s also no question it was COVID, because I used the home test kit to confirm my suspicions. A few days later, my husband got it, likely from me before I knew I was sick.

We had done all the existing vaccines on schedule, with the last one three months before our trip. But the new Omicron variant came after that vaccination.

We got the latest vaccine this fall. Side effects were minimal, certainly less than having COVID.

My case was like moderately bad influenza. I’ve had flu that was more debilitating, but it was far worse than “a mild cold.” I lost about 2.5 weeks of prime paddling season to it, and even after recovering I felt weak for a long time. Inf

My husband’s symptoms were milder but he lost sense of smell for a while, which did not happen to me.


I have chronic environmental allergies that seem to have grown ever worse. So I frequently have at least some symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection, especially the latter variants like omicron.

I strongly suspect that I have had it, which I considered to be pretty much inevitable since early in the pandemic. But having never tested for it, I can’t know for sure. And I sure wasn’t going to test myself every time I had a sore throat, cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, or headache which I have more days than I do not.

I had it last year, in May. I thought I had allergies. Tested negative for Covid but two days later I tested positive. I took Claritin and OTC cold remedies, including Zicam. My symptoms were runny nose, sneezing, congestion, and feeling tired. Got lots of rest, and was back to normal five days later.

Hope you feel 100% soon, String. Do a bit of research into zinc and Covid.

We had both had the available vaccines. We had 27 people here for TG, extended family, friends, etc. By that Monday I couldn’t get out of bed. Per my post heart valve instructions, we called EMS. All vitals were normal. Went to a Dr 3 days later and every check was OK.
My wife dodged the bullet with just some coughing and fatigue.
She’s mostly over it and I’m still fighting it a bit.
The worse symptom I had was a raw throat. Could not eat and could only sip water for 3 days.
For the first time in days, we’re having a real meal tonight. Spaghetti!


COVID finally caught up with me over the past Thanksgiving celebration. I am up to date with vaccinations and boosters. My bout lasted about 2.5-3 days with mild flu like symptoms, e.g. fever, congestion, cough. Felt physically tired for a number of days afterwards. Started to feel more normal this past weekend. Did my first heavy bag workout this afternoon. Definitely felt the lay off and took it mid tempo/power. Just glad to be moving/exerting again.


Man, you have been through the mill my friend. Hope you get better soon.

So far, I have dodged the bullet. Up to date on all vaccines. I mask when going indoors to shop and avoid eating out while indoors. Although when cases are low, we have eaten out a few times. While in FL this last spring my sister, wife, 2 daughters and granddaughter went to Disney World. Sister, wife and one daughter came down with it. Symptoms didn’t start for any of them until the night before we left for home. Drove 7.5 hours in the car with Carol sneezing and blowing her nose saying it was a cold. When we got home, I said we were testing for Covid. She had it I didn’t. She took Paxlovid. She was laid up for about 5 days but not terrible. Took a couple more weeks to be fully back to normal. I never did catch it. We did stay at opposite ends of the house and wore a mask when sharing a space. I was sure I would get it but never did.

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Late April '22. Exposed on Tuesday night, notified of potential on Thursday, hiked 6 miles on Friday, paddled 3 1/2 mildes on the lake on Saturday. Sunday felt terrible - very bad cold. Rapid test and then PCR confirmed Covid. Monday rather better and then really no symptoms out of the ordinary. Three vax shots by then.

Well, I took the vaccine and all the boosters and still got it. Girlfriend came down with it and she was about the only person I was in contact with, though trips to the grocery, gas stations, and such were also possible points of infection. She felt bad, got paxlovid, and a couple days later I felt a bit “punk” and so I tested and was positive. I, too, promptly took the paxlovid treatment. For me, Covid didn’t amount to much, but it sure isn’t something to be taken lightly even now. I felt drained for maybe a week. I’ve certainly had many worse cases of flu or even bad colds. I think the paxlovid did wonders.
I lost a friend to it and knew several others who lost friends and family members, but my own experience was not so bad. TheBob used to say of his Vietnam woundings that “its better to be lucky than good”. I think that applies to Covid as well.

No Covid yet as far as I know. We’re up to date on vaccines, and I don’t much like crowds anyway so social distancing kinda comes naturally! My parents are both still around and in their 90s so the rest of the fam is as careful as we can be.


My wife and I have both had it twice. The first time was at the very beginning (March 2020) when only folks in senior living centers were getting it. No self tests or vaccines were available. Symptoms were like a killer flu, fever, fatigue, pressure in upper respiratory, burning and goopy eyes. Took at least 4 weeks to get over it.

We are both fully vaccinated and both got a mild case of it in April 2022. Our pregnant daughter brought it home from Coachella. No big deal for us just flu-like symptoms, however, our daughter miscarried.

Lingering side effects for me include occasional upper respiratory discomfort and olfactory hallucinations. Prior to Covid my sense of smell was very sharp. It was a gift and shaped much of my decision making process. Now somethings smell familiar and some don’t. Strange scents often come from nowhere and some scents that thought were OK are now repellant. Strange disease.

I’ve lost some friends and family.

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Such a shame when you have to be so careful around family. I’ll guarantee you there won’t be 27 people here for Christmas.


It’s funny. I have customers in the town it was first detected in in NY, and work in an “essential” industry so I was out and about at least a few days a week the whole first year and didn’t catch it. It was like I was walking between the raindrops. Got the shot, got my second shot, got the first booster and then ten days later I got covid. Go figure. It was like a bad flu. Second go round maybe eight months later, it was a little worse- like a really bad flu, then I got it again last year and it was really nothing. Had it 3 times now. Hopefully that’s it.


I had it in July of last year. Got it from a coworker whose jaw never stopped flapping. If I wasn’t hyper-aware of this thing called Covid I wouldn’t have thought much of it. I sneezed a few times, had a mild sore throat, no congestion, never had a fever, never felt sick, but I tested positive for 18 days. Was double vaxxed with J&J. In contrast I had RSV 4 months later and thought I would drown in mucus

I had it once last year - sore throat and then tired for a couple of weeks. I was vaxed and boosted. I have a daughter who has never had it - amazing since her husband works out of the house and they have a child in daycare. I have another daughter who is a nurse and has had it three times - most recently last week.

I think back to how crazy things were back in 20 and 21 - everyone was an outdoor type back then. We would do our hiking and paddling early in the morning because later in the day all the parking lots were filled.

I know COVID is still around, but I’m glad those days are over.


Covid for me was a couple of days of mild flu followed by 4 days of a mild cold. I had been vaccinated and boosted. It was so mild I wasn’t going to waste a test on it but a friend goaded me into it. It was positive. I got boosted again last month at the Harris Teeter pharmacy.

It is possible I had a mild case very, very early in late spring of 2020 - before anyone knew about having oximeters in the house or there were tests. I was weary in a way that did not match anything I had ever experienced thru decades of adult health issues. Decided I was going to take myself to the hospital if I could not turn it around with rest, fluids etc. By day 2 I was doing better and after three days I clearly had it on the run. But it was an utterly unique situation to that moment or since.

I test regularly, still do so more than most because of being in rehearsals and performances for an orchestra and a chorus. Since that odd moment in 2020 it appears I can walk thru the Valley of CoVid and not get it. Have had every shot they will give me.

I haven’t had it. Have had all the Covid vaccine boosters, all Moderna except the last one was Pfizer.
Eating outside whenever I go out to eat, movies only in the afternoon when there’s never more than five or six people in the theater, still wearing mask at grocery store.
My volunteer work is outside, but I am around people from all over the country and all over the world.
I’ve been lucky. Almost all my friends have had it at least once.