how much 303 for my Tarpon 100?

I’m going to give my new-to-me kayak a good cleaning with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and then I want to follow up with the 303 Protectant. What size bottle do I need for one kayak? If I like it I’ll get more for future use, but I don’t want to buy more than I need right now.


None, zip, nada, it’s a waste of money.

oh come on
I heard 303 is about to launch roll-on and aerosol spray applications!

A pint will do two long sea kayaks.

Just follow the directions.

Jack L

a 55
gallon drum should last a couple of years.

I see from other threads that 303 is a subject that tends to ignite heated discussion. Funny how every forum has similarly sensitive subjects that flare back up every time someone new asks a question about it. On the popup camper forums it’s the BAL leveler.

Regardless, I appreciate your opinions.

Protect from UV
I keep my tarpon 120 under my RV here in Florida to protect from UV rays. I make sure to rinse all saltwater off and then use some PVC pipes to slide it under RV.

I use 303 for my premium build hemlock solo canoe.

It washes off in water
unfortunately, rain or paddling. If you store your boat longer-term and out of the rain then it makes good sense. If you paddle your boat every week or can’t store it out of the rain then it doesn’t make so much sense (and the 303 ends up in our waters).

If you store it inside, you don’t need 303.


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I think you skould do it. Only if you are going to a Keith Urban concert:

As much
as you can afford! I usually buy the quart spray bottle which lasts me several years.You pay through the anus for the small bottles.

Yacht wax. Durable, good UV protection
and is dry when buffed.

BP oil spill

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303 in the water? All the streets here drain into the water.

if they called yacht wax canoe wax

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it'd be half the price.
Personally, back when I cared, I used 303, applied lightly, then buffed the living daylights out of it. Works well on Royalex, though I primarily used it on Hypalon (dinghy for my yacht.)
What Shirazz said...quart bottles, last for years. A little dab'll do ya'.