How much and what thickness minicell to pad SOF

I’m taking my new/ used SOF to the HVGF and i’m hoping they’ll help me pad it out. I want to order minicell foam, but I don’t know how much or what thickness to order. I already have a piece for the bulkhead at my feet but I’m not sure what else I need. Any advice as to what I should purchase?

You can get thinner stuff that you can glue on to pad the seat, like quarter inch, thicker stuff if you need to pad out for a bulkhead. But without knowing what areas you want to pad and why (comfort or tighter fit) it is hard to say.

I padded out my bulkhead when I got my Cetus. And, I wanted enough to be able to fit other people in my kayak on occasion. Like you, I didn’t know how much or what thickness to get. So I just ordered a variety of thicknesses, in my case all were 12x24 inches in the following thicknesses:

2 - 1/2 inch thick
6 - 1 inch thick
1 - 2 inch thick.

that amount served my needs, but I would have liked to have had a bit more, as I am down to scraps now. always seems like there is a job or two I didn’t anticipate where minicell works.

If the SOF is built around your dimensions, there isnt too much spare space. For my SOFs, i used quarter inch thick minicell. It’s enough to cushion over the ribs under my butt. Also the ribs have flex, so combined it should offered sufficient comfort. If it doesnt feel enough, you can used contact cement to double up with another piece.


Thanks. I bought the SOF used, it seems to fit me quite well and the existing bulkhead is fine. There’s also a wooden masik which seems too tight. Anyway I am a SOF newbie so I’m hoping they can help me out.

I should’ve mentioned that I also - eventually - want to add a foam bulkhead to my Impex Montauk, so I suppose doing what Greg suggested might be the way to go.

Further thoughts?

I agree with sing. Go with 1/4" thick minicell and double it if need be. This will allow you to customize the thickness in different areas.

Minicell can be easily glued up with contact cement (suggest DAP Weldwood flammable variety). You will have a harder time getting thicker minicell plank to conform to curved surfaces.

OK, thank you.