How much can I leave to portage

I have wheels that hook to the back, so when I am on a road or someting, wheeling around, how much gear can I leave in? Or will it hurt the yak with all that weight. I figure about 100 pounds worth in a fibreglass kayak… thanks.

My concern would be with your front
handle or grab loop if you are using rear wheels. A lot of the weight will be on the bolts of the handle or the rope knots under the fiberglass.

If it was me I would contact the manufacturer.



Think about the tow vehicle as well
Yeah - that’s you. The more weight that you put over the wheels, the more stress on the cart. The more you move forward, the more stress on you. I’ve pulled a loaded fg boat for a mile or so at a shot, but agree with Jack’s concern re: grab handles.

Ok, I hear ya. If I don’t wheel it in the kayak, I have to carry it myself, unsupported by the ground and wheels, so it will be alot heavier. As for the grab handle, I could carry it by the bow. I thought maybe with 100 pounds in the yak and no water beneath it it might warp or somehow hurt the bottom.

I was wondering most because I would like to walk it on to ferries and I don’t want to have to empty it, put it in a pack and make two trips. Much better to just wheel it on and go.

For that, stress may be less except at
places where there is a sharp irregularity in the “road” surface. I think the setup should give you good feedback. Put 100 pounds in the boat, distributed normally, and try pulling it over the road. I think you will be able to feel whether your setup is stable and can take the stress.