How much is too much? $awyer $olo

I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy…that has an Autunm Mist in his barn. He might be willing to sell it, but I think he wants too much based on the numbers I’ve heard (like close to $1k).

What’s a realistic price for this canoe in excellent shape?

It seems like the seller is not motivated.

Don’t expect 300 for a mint AM. It could go 6-900.

Four figures gets hard for me to swallow for an old boat.

Autumn Mist
I previously owned one. When I bought it, it was in near mint condition; the price was basically “can’t pass on that price”. Ended up selling it to a buyer who thought he wanted it more than I did; he later sold it too. I couldn’t justify keeping it; I seldom used it, and needed the space it was taking for another canoe.

It was a pretty boat, semi fast, and had decent glide but it would have been destroyed over time, paddling the Ozark rivers where I typically paddle. That was a big factor in turning it loose.

If I were to find another one in near mint condition; I would hesitate to buy it for anything more than a giveaway price. But then, I need space for boats I want to keep, and really have no use for that particular model of canoe.

My high dollar offer would be less than half of asking price.

To somebody who “really” wanted one; I think they might go as high as 600.

1000 dollars is exorbitant, and unrealistic in my opinion.

It is definitely NOT a go anywhere, do anything boat.


Autumn Mist Layup
Is it the golden glass lay up or a Kevlar layup?

It’s GoldenGlass

As always…
Depends how bad you want it, how easy they are to find, and how much extra cash you have. i spent $1K for my whitegold Wildfire, and I think it was money well spent. There aren’t many boats that I would spend that kind of money on.

Golden Glass is pretty heavy
How much will your cost per use be…

That WildFire is a good twenty lbs less. IIRC. I hauled a AM once up the hill from our dock.