How much rocker on an Odessy 14?

The Mowhawk web site has no specs on rocker, and on the drawings of hull cross sections all I can tell is that there is some rocker on the Odessy 14, starting 18 inches from center (I assume that means it has the same amount of rocker at each end). I didn’t run across an easy way to ask Mowhawk this question, though I’m sure it can be done.

Does anyone know how much rocker there is on an Odessy 14? Otherwise, would anyone with this boat be willing to set it on a flat floor and measure the rocker? Thanks.

I can’t get to it till Mon, so maybe
someone else has a quick answer. I think it’s about 2" at both ends. We’ll set one on the floor Mon if you don’t get an answer before then.

A little less than on a MR Guide/Freedom

Odyssey rocker is 1.75 inches
In researching a solo canoe recently, I emailed Mohawk about the Odyssey. They said the rocker was 1.75 inches and symmetrical. In several follow-up emails and phone call, the Mohawk staff proved very helpful. In the end though, I went with a Bell Yellowstone Solo which I’m picking up in mid-March (and counting the days)!


Odyssey 14 or Odyssey 15??
Just making sure. The 15-foot model has less rocker than the 14-footer. Which one did you ask them about?

1.75 inch rocker on Odyssey 14’
Yes, I understand the 15’ is less, but I don’t know what it is


1.75 is the answer. I checked our notes.
Didn’t have to measure. Are you thinking about getting one?

Yeah, I don’t have enough boats yet.

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Five boats in the garage and one out on the lawn, I need more. Seriously, two of them are basic fishing and/or hunting boats, and one of them isn't even mine, so I'm not approaching the collector realm yet.

I think I'd like something a bit more manueverable with some amount of whitewater ability. I've even got this wild hair about running the Flambeau and similar rivers someday (after my skills improve). I thought the Odyssey 14 might have more rocker than it does, so it looked like it might be a good "next boat". At 1.75 inches of rocker, it might be a better "replacement boat" than a "next boat" so now I'm not so sure (my Vagabond supposedly has 1.5 inches, though it looks flatter than that, it tracks like it's flatter than that, and the bilge water suggests almost no rocker too. I should set it down and measure it). I have a couple other choices in mind too.

It’s a Royalex Vagabond … right?
I’ve heard that by narrowing the thwarts and pulling the gunwales in a couple of inches, that the hull rocker would increase. It was in a review of the Odyssey if I remember right. Maybe that would make your Vagabond a little more manueverable. If a partial spray skirt were attached fore and aft (along with some exterior spray rails up front), maybe that would make it substantially drier as well. If you were to keep your original thwarts and just sub in cheap 1X2’s (shorter) to experiment with the hull shape … and then, if it didn’t work out, you could quickly make your Vagabond stock again. Just a thought.

Yep, Royalex.
It’s Royalex. Some people do adjust rocker by changing thwart length (though you would actually lengthen the thwarts to increase rocker, and shorten them for better tracking). I really do appreciate the idea, but since the Vagabond tends to cut through waves and the bow is not very high, I think a new boat is what I should plan for if I want to do more whitewater in the future (mostly class-II with some possible bits of class-III along the way).

Funny thing about the recent discussion of the Mad River Freedom Solo vs. the Nova Craft Supernova - I was thinking about one of those boats, but I thought the Odyssey 14 might be a partial step in that direction, a bit less rough-water capable, but maybe a little more versatile overall. I still need to think about this a bit.

We chose the Odyssey because we
needed 2 all round solos in Royalex. They do what we intended. The Odyssey is drier than the Vagabond and more maneuverable for me.

Flambeau is pretty much flat to classII, except for one section/branch. We hope to get there this year, but may not have enough days off.