How much thrust for my Scanoe?

I have a 16 foot scanoe, I am going to put an electric motor on it. How much thrust should I get? Does anyone have advice for selecting shaft length? TIA.

Get no less than 30 lbs thrust. More
than 45 probably would be a waste. Minn Kota’s 30 lb thrust tiller model should be around $80-100. Motor Guide also makes a hand tiller model with about the same thrust, maybe a bit more for much the same price, though it may be more difficult to find.

As for shaft length, the standard length should be enough. It’ll be better for going through more shallow water.

Variable speed
Get a motor with variable speed instead of stepped speed if you can. They are much more efficient and the battery will last a lot longer.

Saving for one too
Someone once told me, though I have no idea whether it’s accurate or not, it passes the “Sure, why not?” test, that 17 ft/lbs of torque from an electric trolling motor is roughly equivalent to 1hp from an engine.

I think the Scanoes are rated for up to 3hp, so if the 1:17 ratio is right, then it would be 3:51.

I’m going to put on as much as I can afford. To heck with waste. If there’s fish feeding, I want to get there quick!

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I have a 35 mincota that pushes fine. back up internal comustion @ 3hp for the long runs.Good battery and it still wil not make a full day, even less when windy. Save the money on the motor and get two batteries…jeff

Variable speed
This is why I recomended the variable speed over the step speed. I used to use a bow mount variable speed on a 17’ power boat and it would last all day either trolling or working the structure on a 27 series battery. At lower speed settings the variable can be up to 5x more efficient.

Mines mostly going to be for positioning
I’ll be floating with the current most of the time. I’ll be using it for positioning, but probably not going to run the trolling motor for more than a couple of minutes at any given time. Plus, I got a deal on one of those super-wonder ADM batteries. We’ll see how it goes. I put in a rowing station (which needs to be reworked) as an extra precaution. The things not easy to paddle solo.

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