How much to ask for Jackson Cruise 10

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We just started kayaking last year and bought two Jackson Cruise 10 Sit on tops as our first kayaks. It didn’t take long before we upgraded to Eddylines and now we’d like to sell the Jacksons. We paid about $899 each. They are in good shape, but we have no idea how much to ask for them. Any advice?l


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I’m not an expert on pricing but have been told last year with covid gave a good bump to prices. Maybe it will be similar this year. I was in the sporting good store yesterday and asked them where the boats were. He said they came in but were spoken for and until they called people they wouldn’t know what they will have.

Pricing used equipment has a lot to do with how fast you want to sell and how much trouble buyers are having getting what they want. I would list them high to start and you can always come down.

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I just sold a Skimmer 140 for half retail after advertising for a month. It was in excellent condition.
I’ve sold many boats and usually do a little better than that.
I’d start at $600.

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Depends on where you are, too, I think. I sold my Skimmer 128 last August for just $300 less than I paid for it in 2013.

Sold to the first person who came to see it, and had a lot of inquiries from CL before I could remove the ad. I probably could have gotten more since the price for a new one is much higher now than in 2013, but I thought it was a fair price and I didn’t want to have to deal with a lot of people mid-pandemic.

Kayaks were hard to find in Florida last summer.

Used to be I would use 1/3 to 2/3 of new price as a price for a working, used kayak. The better the shape and newer, the closer to the 2/3rd.

With covid shortages, that could also help you move this toward the higher end.

I should probably have waited for warm weather. This is also not much of a SOT market.

Just wanted to say thanks for the advice. Figured I’d post our results since there are probably other people looking for the same advice. We sold the kayaks on Facebook Marketplace for $600 each within a couple of weeks.

Just saw this now I would of said asking 700. You can always come down. Even asking 800 people should know you not firm.