How much to pay for a used kayak?

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Hi, I'm looking at a 8-10 year old Dagger Delta that was hardly ever used. What is a reasonable price for this kayak? I plan on using it on rivers, creeks, and some lakes. But, primarily small rivers in Ohio max. Class II. Thanks

Looks like a typical rec boat
Maybe $200 to $250 if it’s in very good condition and the plastic is still in good shape and it was stored out of the sun. $100 to $150 if it looks like a beater.


Looking for fast river kayak
Thanks, That’s what I was thinking, but unsure. What are some suggestions on what to buy. I’m looking for an used less expensive kayak that is faster than what I currently own, a Perception Blast from Dicks, to use on small river and creeks.

an older whitewater boat
I would look for an older whitewater design that is in the 10 1/2 - 11’ long range. Some of these have quite good hull speed and will be fine for river use.

My favorite for this purpose is the Perception Pirouette at just over 11’. Definitely faster than a rec kayak and can be found for the same price, or less, if you look hard enough.

old boats that look good but are brittle
just a note …i bought an older perception dancer that looked great,no UV fading,very light use,stored indoors…and it cracked catastrophically at the first small ledge i dropped over…

turns out poly has a limited lifespan,regardless of UV exposure.

So if you can …bring a hammer when inspecting the boat,and give it a solid whack on the hull under the seat when the seller isn’t looking…It should just harmlessly bounce off…

Sounds rude,but…

Wish I had done it!I am out $150,the boat is beyond repair,even though it looked better than my other 2 boats.

Bad Economic Times
Everyone is hard up for cash these days, so the selling price may be very flexible.