how much was your first canoe?

just curious how much you paid. was it new or used?

Oh well - - -
Don’t know yet. Still looking for a decent used canoe in my price range thats better than a floating bathtub or sonar tin can.

$120 used back in 1993.
It was a 12’ chopper gun fiberglass lay up American Fiberlite tandem with a birch bark looking gel coat.

$300 in 1972 for an 18.5 foot FG
big lake and WW downriver boat.

The first two were free.
We were given a wood and canvas that we should have kept. A number of years later we were given a Grumman Eagle in pristine condition. We paddled it for several years, decided we wanted a more suitable river boat and bought the Penob16 used for $450 w/paddles and pfds. Then we bought new Mowhawk solos. We gave the Grumman to friends in MN as a wedding gift and just delivered it a few weeks ago. Now we’re shopping again, but plan to keep the 3 we have.

back in 2000 for an old 18 foot sundowner in tuffweave, plus two paddles (very good paddles)

Sold the boat two years latter for 425 and kept the paddles.

My sons first canoe was $200 dollars for the wood and glass he used to build it. Still has that one.

Thanks to dougd !! Doug gave me a 20-something year old fiberglass hull. I added some wood and epoxy and have a great fishing canoe.

My first “new” canoe…
My first new canoe was purchased in the late 1980s. Its first owner was a bank vice president who “mistakenly” thought he was going to use it for fishing on the Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. This lake is notorious for the large number of weekend drunks, piloting large boats; some of the boats being off shore racing boats. After 3 attempts to fish from his Old Town Discovery 174, and 3 swims, he decided he didn’t really care that much about fishing, or canoes.

I purchased the canoe(like new),and 2 new paddles for $200.00.

Nobody else had even come by the look at the canoe.

I sold it in the late 1990s for $250.00.

It is still in use as far as I know.



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first two canoes I ever got were free (in the '60's)They had been rapped below hydralic dams.......The next one cost me $50 , the next one cost me $200 and the next one cost me $175....all used some Aluminum, some Royalex. (and I bought 3 canoes for 35 each )

Before that we used canvas covered , home made canoes painted with oil base house paint.

The get heavier and heavier with each recoating/painting . and the paint tended to crack and is much better now

Best Wishes

Twelve dollars
An old Carleton W/C. The owner wanted $15.00 I offered what I had, $12.00. He went for it. I was 11 years old it was 1958. I still have it and when I finish its 2nd rebuild it will one day go to one of my kids. I have a restored or being restored W/C for all three of them.

First canoe
a brand new shiny 17’ Grumman standard weight for $229 on 4/30/69. Since then a lot of miles on this canoe both on the water and on my back. At least 4,000 miles just in the BWCA and Quetico. Still have the invoice. Still have the canoe.

!00 dollars…
brand new yellow fiberglass in the sporting good department of the FW Woolworth Store just before they closed.

It was marked down from $300

Early seventies.

I sold it for what I paid for it about ten years later.

I wish now that I still had it.



$380 Bell Wildfire
After years of kayaking I finally bucked up and bought a canoe last week. I got a Bell Wildfire in Royalex in great condition. I made some minor repairs to the seat and took it for its first run down the Loyalsock Creek into the Susquehanna River this morning. I am sure that I will never sell it.


okay I will spoil it
I baought a brand new ultra light Solo PLus this year. my first canoe. I went all the way, so it was 2 grand.

I figure that I will have this boat for many years of enjoyment, so go and spend the money. I ahve no resposibilities, no kids none of that. So I can just go blow a little cash like that.


1976, new 17ft. Alumacraft–$364. Sold it in 1987 for $250. The most I paid for a canoe was for a new Wildfire in 2002; the best deal was $700 for a new Merrimack Baboosic floor model–my first solo canoe.

10 Bucks
1928 leaky OT Guide but ah’s had alot o’ fun in it ‘till some no good, lowdown, snivelin’ polecat gone went an’ stole it.

Fat Elmo

Well, it sorta looked like a canoe…
About $200 for a 17’ Coleman. I had at least $200 worth of fun with it, sold it some 17 years later for $150 (including paddles and PFDs).

thanks for your replies guys!
seems that it will be best to hunt up a used boat on the market. I am aware to avoid Coleman if I can, and seems to be the same with Pelican. are there other boats out there that I should be wary of?

125 bucks
It was a 17’ Sears (Sea Nymph) aluminum tandem w/ a 1" keel. Got it back in '79 barely used. Came with paddles, seat cushions, & foam block carriers. Was young and foolish back then & paddled it on the Obed/Emory/Clear Creek rivers in TN with 15" inner tubes tied in for flotation. Spent a lot of time in the back yard stomping out the dents after that trip.

Two Deals…
Our first - an old cedar and canvas 14’, $125. Had a tonne of fun in that little boat - nice and light at the start of the season, weighed double when it got soaked up. Would ahve kept it, but a friend who borrowed it left it outside fora winter, right side up - ended up trading to a friend who rebuilds canoes for a custom paddle my wife uses to this day.

When the girls got bigger, a friend arranged for a bigger - and considerably heavier - home laid FG 16’ a friend of his had mouldering in the backyard. Turned out to be one sweet boat and one sweet deal - two bottles of Mateus Signature white wine, $42 Cdn. My cousin’s family still uses it at their cabin.