How much would it take to repair this?

There’s a good deal near me on this boat. It requires a decent amount of glass work to bring it back from the dead, but most of it look like its above the waterline.

Realistically, how much work would this take to repair? Inside and out? thoughts? Advice? I have only glassed 1 other time but this is really cheap so I dont have that much to loose if I screw up…

Its Wenonah’s Tuff weave layup FYI.

What do you think?

Go For It
It’s hard to tell from the picture but if that is a flap sticking out just cut it off and then lay a patch of resin and cloth over the whole thing. Doesn’t look too difficult! You can order materials from Sweets:

Figure roughly $100 or so
If you don’t already have epoxy and cloth.

It looks as if the hull is torn all the way through. I would patch it inside and out with at least a couple of lamina on each side. A quart of West System epoxy should be enough and a yard or two of 'glass. I would use 6 oz/yd S 'glass.

I like to overlap any complete tear by 2 inches or so at least for the biggest patch. That might require you to drill out enough gunwale rivets to lift the gunwale on that side. Not hard to reattach it with pop rivets.

Sounds like a plan. He should cut
the patches so that they are concentric, with the larger patches going on first, and then the smaller. Although it would be neater to do the entire broken area in one application, with just two layers on each side, it might be OK to do the job in steps. This might even be necessary at that eccentric breakout toward the right end of the picture of the inside.

Sometimes just taping the outside will stabilize it while the inside is repaired. Sometimes more aggressive stabilizing is needed if the break doesn’t want to sit flat on its own.

Is that the only photo?
It looks like there are further cracks at the waterline. Btw it’s irrelevant whether the damage is above or below the waterline. If it was free I’d get it.

Bad news
He sent me 2 more pics and the damage is much worse than the first one showed, so it looks like this wont happen.

How do you even do this to a canoe?

I would fix it, BUT…
I would start with a free boat.