How much?

I’m in the market to upgrade to a larger boat. I am looking for something used and really keeping my eyes peeled on eBay, Craigslist, PNet Classifieds, etc. I’ve been looking for something in the range of 13-15 feet.

So, I’ve come across a Necky Zoar. At 16’ it’s a little bigger than my above stated range. While I probably won’t buy it, I’m curious as to what a good price for this boat would be, in average to good condition. I’m having trouble finding one online for comparison. Any ideas?

try searching here

lots of hits.


That link will be very useful.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any 16’ Zoars. Must be an old crunky boat…

My apologies
I missed that you were looking for the 16 footer.

Also check out web sites for your regional dealers and any local kayak/canoe clubs.

I wish you well in your quest.


use Google
Plus “Necky Zoar craiglist” into Google, and you will get results for all around the country. Seem to be running $500-750.

The Necky Zoar was(is) 17’ and
is a boat for a large paddler.A very quick boat with a good paddler. There is a Zoar Sport which is shorter.