How often do you replace rope skeg

Just wondering how often if at all do any of you that have a rope skeg replace the rope. I bought a used NDK Greenlander Pro this past summer and was wondering for general maintenance should I replace the rope for the rope skeg? If so were do I find this rope. According to Nigel Dennis web site it uses 4mm nylon/Kevlar rope. I tried googling 4mm nylon/kelvar rope with not alot of luck.Iam in the USA so a place in the USA that has this rope would be great.

Sources for rope
It is static line, easy source is places that sell climbing rope. Like this.

Other sources
West Marine carries a variety of line, as does REI. If there’s a sailing supply near you they often have a better selection of line than West Marine. I don’t know that kevlar content is all that important unless Nigel uses it to inhibit stretch. 4mm is plenty strong. I suspect Sta Set would do. Spectra is also quite strong & stretches very little.

Yepp rei and West Marine have 4mm line. I guess putting kevlar in the search gave poor results. Mine appears ok with no fraying at cleet were you make adjustments. Just wouldnt want ti to break on me while out with it. Maybe I will get some and keep it in the hatch just in case. First I will see how its changed. Cant be to difficult. Looks like just release the bungee then I think the skeg blade just comes down and out. Line must be attached to blade some were on it with a knot I bet.I will have to pull it apart to see so iam ready to change it if needed.

no need…
there probably is no need to replace the rope. Only exception being if it is frayed where it engages the cleat, thus causing it not to hold securely.

if that is the case you can also cut the rope down and then tie a larger diameter piece of cord onto the end so that the beefier cord is what engages the cleat. This works well.

If the skeg is lacking “oompf” in deploying then you will want to shorten the bungees that come through the deck in order to increase their tension, or you can replace the bungee. The bungee is what causes the skeg to work…or not work in the event it is over stretched or worn out.


There’s more to it that that.
Over time, the skeg rope will acquire a buildup of salt and minerals that stiffen it to the point that it won’t readily make the sharp bends required. Rinsing with fresh water can help, but eventually the rope will have to be replaced. In general, you want the most flexible, slipperiest non-stretch cord you can find.