How often do you wash your drysuit?

I’ve read two contrasting “expert” opinions:

a) It’s best to avoid laundering as much as possible;
b) Launder at least once a year.

GoreTex intructs warm water and minimize spinning.

Kokatat says to wash their products when they stink or get dirty, drysuits to be washed in cold water in a high water volume machine.

HE machines don’t have a high water option so sounds like a bathtub is the way to go, but I wonder why the contradiction in water temp.

I have always gone with the stinky and dirty standard. I’ve always used cold water with a bit of woolite in either the bathtub/shower or a large tub in the warmer weather. Then i turn inside out and dry then reverse and dry the outside

Stinky and dirty means I’m due. Of course, this means it gets washed in the warmer season more than winter.

I use the bathtub right after I’ve cleaned it; warm (cooler than I’d shower in) water to wash and rinse. I’ve only used Tech Wash to date.

Other than a couple of swims a year - never. :smiley:

I only paddle in fresh water though.

I did mine in the sink with 25 minutes of agitation with my hands. Then rinsed the legs 3-4 times by filling and dumping out. Used NIKWAX cleaner and DRW. It will depend on what you wear below it to capture your sweat how fast it needs cleaned. Never really smelled or looked dirty. I had to send it back for seam repair.

Rinse in cold water wash in hand warm water it says. Worked well used 3 gallons of water in sink.

Rinse it after every use, wash it when it gets dirty (I’ve never had one get stinky). I used to hand wash when I had a regular agitator washer, but with a front loader, machine washing is fine. I would never use any product on Gore-Tex that isn’t specified as safe by Gore.

I rinse what I can with me in it. If someone else is there they can help. If not I do spots I can’t reach when in it when I’m out of it.

I know kokatat will not recommend any product’s.

Just washed mine today. Prior washing was a year ago. I used Aquaseal’s (McNett) Dry Suit Shampoo; 4 gallons of water in a large plastic tub; and hand agitation. I rinsed it out twice in the shower.
Full disclosure: I would not have washed it at all except I left the relief zipper open on the second day of a recent BCU 4* Leader Training. I didn’t take me long to figure that out. :confused:

Thanks all. I have McNett’s wetsuit & drysuit shampoo. I’ve rinsed my suit in the shower after each immersion. Still fragrance and stain free. While it’s the most expensive clothing item I’ve ever purchased, if I can get away with not washing it for another season, happy day.

It’s a two-piece and I had asked Kokatat if there were any special washing instructions. Nope, except that I shouldn’t wash it in two pieces. Needs to be washed as a one piece and I should turn it inside out for a second rinse. When I asked how that could be done, was told I could unzip it, turn the top and bottoms inside out, then putting my hands through the neck gasket, rezip. Ha! Fat chance of that ever happening with the zip system used. Am all for turning the top and bottoms inside out for that rinse, but it would be as separates and in the shower. Maybe next year.

@tvcrider That’s a funny story. Hope the water wasn’t too cold.

@Rookie said:
@tvcrider That’s a funny story. Hope the water wasn’t too cold.

Thankfully no. The water temperature was about 72, but what many do not understand is that still 25 degrees lower than body temperature and water conducts heat away at a much higher rate than air.
I had gone without using the dry suit on the prior day when the air temp was 76. I chose 3mm neoprene shorts, pile top, paddling pants a semi-dry paddling jacket instead. However, the repeated rescue and immersion drills took their toll and I was miserable. I didn’t make that mistake on day two, but my dry suit would have been a bit more effective if I had not provided a flow-through vent.

I was not my brightest moment. I guess I was too focused on the training. One can be sure that now when I go out on the water I am double-checking both zippers.

While on the subject, when washing your dry suit make sure you take an old tooth brush to the zippers to clean off sand, etc. I then follow up with an application of zipper lubricant/wax.

I always rinse mine well, inside AND outside, with plain warm water in the shower after every use. If I later saw any salt stain—salt can be hard to get out of the neoprene overcollar—I soaked it in plain water and then rinsed again. The two drysuits I have owned never needed more washing than that.

I turned the suits inside-out when hanging them to dry.